How Your Wedding Gifts Can Help Set up a New Home in 2019

Wedding gifts—what comes to your mind when you think of them? Clocks? Lamps? Or perhaps even a Ganesha idol? These are the usual suspects when it comes to wedding gifts. You usually get a huge number of these at your wedding. Apparently 3 aunts, all 10 colleagues, 4 friends and 2 people, all of them believe that clocks, idols and lamps are definitely the things you need. Creating a wedding gift registry is the only way to let these people know that you require different things. When you’re moving to a new home, there are so many essentials you need, from furniture to appliances and crockery. And let’s be honest, after throwing such an awesome ceremony and spending lakhs on it, being gifted these things will only help reduce the financial pinch. 

Wedding Gifts to set up a new home
Wedding Gifts to set up a new home

So as you start imagining your dream home, we help you curate the best wedding gifts ever! 

#1. The Kitchen

If you love cooking, then let’s be honest, the kitchen is your happy place. Even if you don’t, a well-furnished kitchen is a necessity. So, this is the first room you must focus on when setting up your new home. 

For the Novice: If you’ve not yet purchased the basic essentials needed, then those are the first items that should go on your registry. The first and foremost thing to add will the stove, basic cookware like cooker, kadhai, crockery for daily use, storage boxes and some serving spoons. 

For the Proficient: If you have the essentials covered then add things like a steamer, rice cooker, coffee maker, oven, stand mixer and so on. Your wedding gifts can even be related to your hobby of vegetable carving, baking etc. 

#2. Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private space. So make the room a reflection of who you are as a couple. If you’re a minimalist, let the room reflect that. But beware, there’s a thin line between the room having minimalistic decor and spartan decor. 

For the Novice: As suggested earlier, start with the items really necessary as wedding gifts. First add the bed, the mattress and bedspreads and duvets. The next necessary item will be curtains. These are often forgotten but just imagine staying in a room with curtainless windows. 

For the Proficient: If you’ve already got your essentials covered, then start adding things you love. A dresser and side tables are a must if you’ve not already added them to your registry. Your room should be a comfortable space for you to kick back and relax. So add some diffusers, scented candles and the likes to your registry. Even personal care products or hampers from your favourite brands like Kama Ayurveda, Forest essentials etc. are not a no-no. 

#3. The Bathroom 

A bathroom is something that’s always at the back of your mind when you’re setting up your new home. When it comes to essentiality it is definitely among the top. You just cannot use a bathroom that doesn’t even have the essentials. 

For the Novice: A mirror, towels and clothes hanger, a hamper, soap dispensers, toothbrush holder etc. are all essentials when it comes to your bathroom. 

For the Proficient: After adding the essentials you can add anything you want like hairdryer, straightener and other personal care and grooming products. 

#4. The Dining Room

Well let’s face it, even though you have a formal dining room, most of us just eat in the dining room watching our favourite TV show or sometimes even in the living room. We know it’s wrong but hey, that’s the best part of being an adult. You can do whatever you want! 

For the Novice: The main thing a dining room needs is a good dining table and chairs. You can add stuff like everyday placemats, table runners, dinner sets, bowls and cutlery. All of them make for good registry additions. 

For the Proficient: You can even add a lazy susan turntable, serving utensils or even a cheese platter. After your essentials are covered you’re free to add all the fancy stuff you want. If you own any of these already just make a list of things you will need and definitely spend money on and just add them to your registry.

#5. The Living Room

The first room that presents itself as a glimpse into your style and personality is your living room. Choose a theme and colour and stick with it. That’s the best way to have an amazing living room. If you’re going for an eclectic, bohemian style you still need to make sure that everything goes together despite being quirky. 

For the Novice: A couch, TV and a centre table/coffee table are the essential basic wedding gifts. 

For the Proficient: If you already have those, go for wallhangings, drapes, a throw or maybe even an ottoman. We’re sure you’ll definitely buy these for your new home if you don’t already own them. Why not make it easy for you and just register for wedding gifts?

#6.  When Entertaining Guests

We know this is not a room in your home. But after returning from your honeymoon, you’ll definitely be entertaining guests. So, why not add the things you need then as wedding gifts to your registry? 

For the Novice: Make sure to add necessary champagne, wine, whiskey, pilsner etc. glasses. Ensure you have fancy crockery and enough serveware. 

For the Proficient: If you’re big on having a party at your home or in your backyard, don’t forget to add barbecue grills, bar carts, bar tools and so on. Instead of splurging so much money on these things right after your wedding, just add them to wishlist and let your friends and family get them for you as your wedding gifts!

#7. The Guest Room

We’re not expecting a guest room as grand as Monica’s from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. But we’re sure it won’t be a neglected room where we can hope to find Anabelle either. Guestrooms are generally kept spick and span but they should be the last room you work on when setting up a new home. 

For the Novice: First add the essentials like the bed, mattress, bedspreads and drapes. These are the essentials and it doesn’t matter if it is the guest room or yours. 

For the Proficient: You can add a nice rug, bathmats, towels, bedding sets, pillows, wall hangings and the likes for your guests to enjoy your registry. If you really are Monica and want only the best for your guests then don’t shy away from adding ottomans and other upholstery to your registry. 

Although choosing and adding wedding gifts to your registry can be exciting, you must prioritize the items and also put yourselves in your guest’s shoes. Just make a mental list of the kind of guests you’ll be inviting and add things that every kind of guest will love purchasing. Remember, a gift registry is not only for you but for your guests as well. Happy planning!

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