A Story as Fun as their Gifts

Ever heard of a grandmom finding a boy for her granddaughter while browsing through a magazine? That’s the story of Wedding Wishlist couple Nithin and Daphne—full of fun and excitement, just like their gift registry of wedding gifts.

It started off as any regular evening, with Daphne’s grandmother browsing through The Explainer magazine over a cup of tea. She came across a column on a Chennai boy, who worked in the “sound and light” industry and was keen to get married. With her own son-in-law in the same line of work, her interest got piqued, and she decided to find this boy for her granddaughter.

In another part of the country, an over excited aunt, convinced that her nephew was now keen to get married, had submitted this article about him in The Explainer magazine, hoping it would help him find his bride.

Wedding Gifts - Nithin Daphne

Wedding Gifts – Nithin Daphne

And then there were the unsuspecting boy and girl, with little knowledge that their lives were about to get changed forever…

So, Daphne’s grandmother got together with her mom to find this boy online and send his him and his family her profile. With their limited technological skills, they sneakily asked Daphne for help with uploading her picture, eventually telling her the complete truth. Not one to sit idly on the sidelines, and having approved of her grandma’s choice, the three indulged in a little online stalking. They found him on Facebook, with a profile picture that  did not really say, “handsome, I’m looking out for a girl”, but that of a boy dressed up in a spock costume with everything to the utmost detail.. The perked up eyebrows, the fringed hair, the pointy ears and the works… And Daphne knew she had found the one.

Things moved on from there and they fell in love

And things went great from there when one Christmas, she got a call from Nithin telling her he’s met with a really severe accident on the highway. Assuming he was in Chennai and safe with family and friends, Daphne didn’t worry too much. Little did she know that Nithin had decided to surprise her by driving down all the way to Goa from Chennai. She rushed to meet him at the hospital and there sprawled across the bed was the big surprise, with a blacker than coal bloodshot eye and a broken face. In the midst of the madness, Nithin just smiled at her and asked her to open his suitcase and bring him a white bag with a box in it. Her heart skipped a beat and of course, the answer was a definite yes.

And from there it was a happily ever after story, with the beautiful wedding in Goa. And since the couple was setting up a new home in Chennai, they set up a registry with all the things they wanted, which would become a part of their new adventure together. With a new-age love story, they were more than keen to have a new-age approach to their wedding gifts. They didn’t want all their guests carrying bulky gifts to Goa, and then them having to carry it back to Chennai. With the help of WeddingWishlist.com, they created a beautiful website and registry for wedding gifts, and got all the things they wanted, delivered when and where they wanted. View their registry with WeddingWishlist.com

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