10 Most Thoughtful Wedding Gifts That Will Shock You

When you are invited to a wedding, the first thing that pops on your mind other than the feeling of happiness is what should we get the newlyweds? Wedding gifts ideas have gotten very common among people, it is often something that will help the couple begin their new journey and set up their home. But how about being one of the many guests to think outside the box and gift them something that will not just make them squeal with happiness but also make you a very cool gift giver!

Wedding Gifts
Wedding Gifts

We have listed 10 most incredible wedding gifts that will definitely surprise the couple.

#1 SPA Treatment

A lot of detailing and work goes into planning a wedding, it can be beautiful but tiresome. So, here is an incredible idea for a wedding gift; a spa treatment! This gift will truly be out of the blue and surprise the newlyweds. It is in a way to help them unwind and enjoy the beginning of wedding bliss. It is a gift that no one can expect but something that will surely bring a smile. Plus, after a crazy and fun night of celebrations, getting a good spa treatment and pampering is just the way a newly married couple should feel.

#2 Fitness Membership

Couples are always looking to get involved in many activities and do things together to have more experiences. What better way than getting memberships to fitness centres or some classes like cooking, painting, etc. Not only will they learn something but their relationship will also grow stronger. Getting them memberships is a cute and totally not expected when it comes to wedding gifts. It is unconventional, but hey it is 2019!

#3 TV Subscriptions

There are numerous platforms where people can stream shows and movies and relax while doing so. Getting a newlywed couple TV Subscriptions can really be one of the best wedding gifts ever! This is will get you in good books with the couple for sure, and also give them a chance to kick back and relax at home. Plus, if you are a TV show enthusiast, this a way to get your newly married friends updated with all the latest happenings!

#4 Event Tickets

Do you know of any concert or event that your newly married friends really really want to go for? Then be their saviour and get them the tickets to those events as their wedding gifts. This will make them feel extremely happy and loved! We know how attending a concert or event feels, especially if this is something that happens very rarely. By getting this for them you are also ensuring that their wedding gift does not have to necessarily be something tangible but an experience that they will remember for a lifetime, and isn’t that much better?

#5 Flower Subscription

Flowers are given during occasions but no one has ever thought of it as someone’s wedding gift. Do something incredible and completely different, get your newlywed friends a flower subscription for their home. Getting this subscription for them will bring a smile to their faces every week and also add some greenery and a great smell to their house!

#6 Weekend Getaway

Sometimes after long and stressful work days, one just wants to relax and go someplace to take their mind off. So, why not take this opportunity to and give the newlyweds a weekend getaway wedding gift. You could either get them flight tickets or even a hotel stay for the weekend and let them experience life in a non-chaotic manner. Taking care of a mini-vacay and helping them unwind will make your gift the best one they have ever received. What could be a more perfect wedding gift?

#7 Bicycles

Bicycles? Yes, you read it correctly. No one in their entire process of wedding gift thinking would give a newly married couple bicycles. But here is why it makes it the perfect and most sought after gift! Gifting them a his and her bicycle will give the couple an opportunity to explore and have little adventures of their own. It gives them time to relax and experience the fun side of life. No matter what age you are, riding a bicycle gives the joy that cannot be measured. Although this is an unconventional gift, it is one that has a lot of thought behind it!

#8 Date Night

Date nights are essential even after people get married. It helps create stronger bonds and is very romantic. Be that friend that wants the newlywed couple to never stop their date nights! Gift them a reservation at a unique restaurant or date night experience on a yacht. This would not only be one of the best wedding gifts ever but will also strike up to be a great conversation piece. The idea of gifting a date night can seem silly or surreal but the outcome of this experience will speak volumes!  

#9 Photo Shoot

Once the wedding is over, the series of pre-wedding and wedding photo shoots are done with. But to keep up with the spirit and excitement of the couple being recently married why not give them an all paid photo shoot. This wedding gift idea is strange, we know but this builds excitement and gets the couple ready to add a new set of photographs to their albums post-wedding. Go ahead and gift them this, it will be worth it!

#10 Anniversary Wine Box

Wine not, am I right? Gifting them an anniversary wine box is thinking steps ahead of just their wedding. This gift will keep the excitement of future wedding gifts and make the couple look forward to tasting some stellar wine. It is a very clever wedding gift idea and also gets you out of getting them any future wedding gifts! Not only is this a thoughtful gift but will also give the couple to celebrate their love at every anniversary!

All of these ideas are completely different and something that you won’t see if you try and google for wedding gift ideas. But know that if you do end up gifting the couple any of the above-mentioned gifts, you are extremely cool and definitely an awesome gift giver! Let us know what you think about these wedding gift ideas in the comments below.

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