5 Genius Wedding Ideas for a Fun & Fabulous Celebration!

Here’s a staggering statistic—an average Indian spends 1/5th of the wealth he accumulates in his lifetime on his wedding! Now, let that stew in your mind for a while. Ok, if you’re done processing it, let’s admit it’s shocking. Weddings are special, and every couple wants it to be a day they remember forever. But to burn a hole so deep in your pocket is not the smartest way to start the rest of your life! Well, Wedding Wishlist is here to bridge this gap with awesome wedding ideas.

Wedding Ideas
Wedding Ideas

Read on for genius wedding ideas that will make sure your big day is the talk of the town, without it making a serious dent to your bank account.

#1. Go paperless!

As far as smart wedding ideas go, this one is gold! With technology permeating our lives, there is no real reason why you need paper invites anymore. Not only are they really expensive to print, but you also end up spending on couriers and invitation gifts. In today’s tech-savvy world, an e-invite is all you need. It’s convenient, it’s cost-friendly (or practically free) and if it’s good enough for Sonam Kapoor, it’s good enough for you!

#2. Venue Matters!

Ok, so the venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding, but it’s also what determines a bulk of the cost. A lot of venues don’t allow couples to book their own vendors, but instead, ask them to choose from their pre-defined list. And this includes décor and food, leaving you with little room for negotiation in the two costliest components of wedding planning! So choose a venue where you can bring your own tried, tested and cost-friendly vendors.

#3. Share your Wishlist!

You’re celebrating a very special occasion with close friends and family, and they will ALL get you wedding gifts. You know that and they know that. Create a gift registry and let them know exactly what you want so they don’t have to go through the guesswork, shopping, packing and transporting of the gift. You, on the other side, will get the things you would have to buy anyway—be it a holiday, home appliances, furniture or gadgets! And did no one tell you money saved is money earned!

#4. The Wedding Cake Myth!

Did you know that most of those luxurious, multi-tiered wedding cakes you see in pictures are actually made of cardboard? For the uninitiated, tiered wedding cakes can be very expensive, so most bakers offer the option of a beautiful “fake cake” with just the top layer being real. So once you’re done with the cake cutting, caterers take back the cake and serve slices of regular cake instead. Now isn’t that a wedding idea worth going for?

#5. Get inventive with décor

Want to convert your venue into a floral heaven? Well, the costs of fresh flowers can very well be the hell you want to avoid! Get smart with décor. Do a mix of fresh flowers, artificial flowers, fabric and props to create something stunning-yet-affordable. A few hours spent on Pinterest and with your decorator can save you lakhs in the final décor bill!

These are the best 5 ways you could opt for a smart and cost friendly wedding. It doesn’t take a toll on your pocket or the environment! For more wedding ideas or to create a free gift registry, visit weddingwishlist.com

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