Wedding Invitation Designs For Every Kind Of Bride

A bride always knows what her vibe is. While planning a wedding that she has dreamt about for years, months, or maybe even weeks she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants things done. This can clearly be seen through the invitations, the wedding invitation designs differ from brides and can definitely voice the type of bride she may be.

wedding invitations designs
wedding invitations designs

We have listed the different types of brides and the kind of wedding invitation designs she would love!

#1 The Elegant Bride

Need we say more of how this bride would be? The elegant bride would choose wedding invitation designs that are more minimalistic and simple. The colour thematic and designs she chooses will reflect a lot of grace and complementing tones. This bride knows the prim and proper way her wedding would and wouldn’t have it any other way!

#2 The Traditional Bride

Traditions and values are imbibed in this bride. To her, a wedding should speak about culture, rituals, and all that she stands for. The wedding invitation designs that she would approach would have a little symbolism and a colour palette of rich bright colours. If this kind of personality sounds a little like you, then you know what kind of a bride you are 😉

#3 The Modern Bride

A modern bride knows no limits, she wants to make everything possible for her special day. She has got an impeccable taste and is influenced by different styles across the world. Her wedding invitation designs will have definitely stand out from the regular kind of invitations you see. This bride is all about including a mix of just about every trend. The design and colour she chooses will be modern, tasteful, pastel and definitely trendy.  

#4 The Eclectic Bride

An eclectic bride is influenced by every other type of bride. The ideas of those weddings and the wedding invitation designs makes her so happy that it tends to blend with every element that is in the wedding. Bright, bold and loud designs are the key MO of an eclectic bride. If this sounds like you, don’t feel like you have to choose to be of a certain type, just know that this is you and that your wedding invitation will be just perfect.

#5 The Bohemian Bride

Do you have a calm and chill vibe? And is that the approach that you are going with to create for the wedding? Your wedding invitation design will be simplistic and have earthly elements too. For you, all the glitz and glamour do not matter. Your wedding invitation will be dreamy, rustic, and definitely peaceful. Your wedding will be filled with fun and happy vibes and that is truly the trait of a bohemian bride!

#6 The Glamourous Bride

Spotlight on the bride, please! Yes, it is her special day and yes her wedding invitation will have all the glitter, sparkle, and dramatic effects if needed. Your wedding will be just as fancy as the elegant brides but with just maybe five per cent more. The colour palette of your wedding invitations will range from golds, silver, metallics and even embossing! We know that you love a function when it is over the top and frankly you too are that way so why shouldn’t your wedding invitation be any less.

There could be multiple ways to explain the personalities of different brides but one thing that is in common with them all is that their wedding day is the most special day of their lives. Let us know in the comments below if we are on point with the bride types and the kind of wedding invitation designs they went for!

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