8 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Failed Massively In 2019

Everything about planning your wedding can be incredibly stressful- wedding invitations included. With so many invitation trends out there, it is natural to sometimes feel like you have to try and do something different, something that stands out and makes the receiver of your invite either giggle or have an AWWW moment. But often, the attempt to try something way out of the box or getting too personal with the use of humour on your wedding invitation might do little to form a connection with your guests, or worse – leave them feeling offended.

Wedding Invitation Ideas that failed
Wedding Invitation Ideas that failed

Offensive, misspelt or simply ridiculous – these are some wedding invitation ideas that were not very pleasant surprises to receive in the mail, to say the least. 

1. (Very) Impersonal RSVPs 

Your wedding invite is essentially supposed to have 2 RSVP options, or 3 at max. Attending, Maybe and Not attending. Going a step further would be listing down options that could be possible reasons for attending or not attending your wedding. You think you’re being funny in doing so, but you’re only as witty as the options you put on that card. I will be attending because a) Free booze b) Flirt with the hot bartender – is honestly borderline inappropriate. Abort mission!

2. Promoting Cannibalism 

An invite went very wrong when a couple included ‘Child’ in their list of entree options for guests to choose from. Couples often tend to pay way too much attention to their wedding invitation designs and ignore re-checking the copy in the process. Once those picture-perfect wedding cards are printed and sent out, it won’t matter how the design looks if you create a blunder as big as this one! 

3. Not Trying to Maintain Uniformity 

If you’re trying something different with your wedding invitation cards, make sure every single member in your guest list would be OK to read what you have to say without being a tad bit offensive. We get that joking about gifts and registries might be okay to send out to your inner circle of friends and family but there are people outside of this circle who are likely to get weirded out. One such 2019 wedding invitation blunder was demanding gifts with checkboxes of all the options for “what gifts to expect”. What if someone isn’t keen on giving you a present? Mean, but that’s still a choice – for them to make, not you.

4. Not Proofreading! 

This has got to be the single most common reason for a wedding invitation to turn out to be an embarrassing joke. “We request the honour of your Presents(?) on so and so date”! Seems almost deliberate, doesn’t it? Even though you might not have meant the pun, now you come across as a couple that’s asking for it. 

5. Sending Out Cards A Little Too Late

Now if you’re sending out an e-invite or a wedding invitation video, it might be okay to start off late. But if you’re sending out invitation cards, be sure to get in touch with your stationers at least 6 months before the wedding so you can start sending them out a good 4 month in advance. Want to know the biggest wedding invitation fail in 2019? A few guests receiving the wedding card after the wedding! Staying ahead of wedding planning should be your top priority. It’s okay to send out invites way too early than a tad bit late. This way, your folks, especially the ones residing elsewhere can plan their travels well in advance. 

6. Not Ordering Samples

Everything is prettified on the internet, more than it’s actual appearance – wedding cards included. The only way to properly assess a wedding invite is to be certain of its feel, paper quality and print by ordering samples before placing any bulk order online. So if you want to get your invites right the first time, order samples! 

7. Using Multiple Fonts 

We get it, how your wedding card turns out means a great deal to you. It’s like a mini teaser for your wedding. But in the excitement of getting creative with your designs, you might want to stick to one or 2 fonts at the max! Many failed invitation cards have seen the use (or rather an abuse) of multiple fonts only to make their wedding cards turn out to look like children’s calligraphy practice books. It is recommended that you use one script font as an accent lettering style and one block font for your main lettering style. This will ensure that all the details are legible while also appearing aesthetic. 

8. Forgetting To Verify The Address

Google  Maps saves the day, well, on most days. But you can’t risk depending on it completely. Verify the wedding venue address on Google maps before printing it on your invitation card or you’re going to have a serious problem if your guests end up elsewhere. If the map results aren’t accurate, we suggest including map cards (going old school) with your wedding invitation ensemble.

So there you have it, everything that could possibly go wrong with your wedding invitation card and put you in a (very avoidable) awkward situation. A friendly rapport with your designer/stationery becomes very crucial to ace your invites. Someone who understands your personal taste understands exactly what you’re looking for and is able to work magic within your set budget should ideally be your go-to.

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