6 Unique Ideas to Select the Best Wedding Invitation of 2019!

Wedding is the most important day of your life. So, you want to make sure that the day is special and you can cherish it for lifelong. You tend to make sure that all the arrangements are in place and there are innovation, excellence and a pedigree in your wedding ceremony. You want it to be etched in everybody’s memory and want them to talk about it again and again. But it all starts with a Wedding Invitation and you need to make it special. You need to make sure that your wedding invite is different and so appealing that everyone is bound to come to your wedding invite.

This is why you need to invest a great amount of time and energy in finding the right idea for your wedding invitation. There are so many innovative and unorthodox ideas that you can get to try to make your wedding memorable.

Here are some of the special and quirky ideas that you may want to try to make the wedding invitation special and different – 

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation

#1. Go green

The best way to make everyone feel surprised and special is by doing a wedding invitation as a mug with a sapling. You can get the name and date of wedding painted on the mug and every time they will go out to water the sapling, they will remember your wedding date. Especially if you care about the environment, it can be a very good idea for you. It will also make those receiving the invites more attentive towards the invite and they will get to learn the value of planting the trees. You can also tell your kids in the future about how you made your wedding invite so special and if some of the trees are still there in the future, they will make you cherish the moment.

#2. Go plain and simple

One of the problems these days with most of us is that we experiment so much with everything. We try to put in too much into the wedding invite that the main content is a bit suppressed. So, one of the ways that you can get to try is going plain and simple. Don’t get the wedding invitation overcrowded and keep it as simple as you can.  People also tend to like plain and simple things and it resounds powerfully than the over-crowded and extravagant invites. So, if you want to be different from normal, be simple.

#3. The rainbows invite

It may sound a bit unorthodox but it can be quite a special invite for your wedding. The rainbow invite having a collage of you and your partner on the card with a rainbow theme will definitely be very special. It will definitely make everyone take a note of your wedding and they will save the date for you. But more than that, when you will have a look at it in the future, it will automatically bring a smile on your face and make you feel special again.

#4. Go for the 3-D invite

3D invites are the most innovative and special ways, these days. The 3-D wedding card will definitely cost you more but anyone who is receiving this card will feel special and definitely remember everything about it. You can get in touch with the card designers to know about the things that you are looking to put in the card. The 3-D invite has become enormously popular in recent times and you can also put the journey of your love in the wedding invitation if you want to make it really special for yourself. But one thing that you will definitely have to do is invest a great amount of time and sit with your designers to get the perfect wedding invitation in 3-D design.

#5. Adopt the vintage style

Another way to make your wedding invite special is by going the vintage way. In the traditional times, the invites were sent on the leaves using the traditional ink and if you are looking to make the wedding special, you can definitely try this method. Of late, people have started to go old school and try things that were done in the past. So, why not go old school with the wedding invitation and show everyone that you respect your values and culture. You should also be careful with the selection of the colour of the leaf to make it perfect for your wedding theme. If not this you can select wedding cards or digital invites that are more traditional and exude the vintage vibe.

#6. Going the teddy way

Another very smart way to make the guests notice your wedding invitation is by making use of the teddy bear. You can get personalized teddies with details of the wedding ceremony printed on it. When you give it to someone, they’ll actually be surprised and when they will look at the details, they will definitely remember it for long. But you have to make sure that the quality of teddy, as well as printing, is up to the mark and it does not get rusty in quick time. The colour combination can also give a peep into the wedding theme to make it more special!

The above mentioned wedding invitation ideas will definitely help you make a lasting impact on your guests. These unique wedding invites will definitely add a lot of excitement and fun to the festivities and becomes an added incentive to RSVP. For further such ideas, visit Wedding Wishlist!

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