Top 10 Wedding Colours and Wedding Invitations to Go with Them

How stressful is it that your wedding colour is likely to set the tone for the entire event and reflect your own tastes and personalities as bride and groom? Sounds like quite the task, yes, but we’ve got you covered. We have curated a list of the best wedding colours and wedding invitations to go with them. Wedding invitations provide your guests with the first glimpse of the wedding theme and colour. So choose wisely!

Here are the 10 best wedding colours and wedding invitations to go with them!

Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitations

1.  Tickle Me Pink

Pink has got to be the single most timeless wedding colour that never runs out of style. How can a bride not be obsessed with the shades of this fairy tale pastel palette? It almost instantly radiates a wedding and makes the whole vibe so welcoming and would be perfect for your wedding invitations.

2. Sun Gold

Ditch the dark colours if you have to, most of them unreasonably are hyped anyways. If subtlety is your thing, an elegant combination of gold and ivory for your wedding colours are sure to give you all the romantic feels on your big day. If you do wish to add in a little oomph, you can always choose to opt for sparkly gold instead of mundane matte. 

3. Mahogany/Maroon

If you’re a fan of all things rustic and vintage, these are THE perfect wedding invitations for you. Even individually, merlot is a fine colour with so much potential. The boldness is broken with hints of soft sage and a little matte gold to add to the chic. Who said you can’t have hints of earthy and exuberant on the very same table? 

4. Chestnut

You’re wedding colours practically define the theme of your wedding and what better way to get hitched in the outdoors amongst serene colours enclosed within nature. A rustic brown and splashes of yellow do a fabulous job if you plan to have an autumn outdoor wedding. 

5. Shades of Green

Defining royalty in every way, Green and Gold wedding colours have an unmatched charm when paired together. Even though both of these colours are bold and vibrant, they still manage to complement each other and shine individually giving the whole celebration a very vintage and majestic feel. After all, nothing says Indian wedding like dramatic colours and these wedding invitations are some of the best.  

6. Aquamarine

Is it just us or has aquamarine been all over the place of late? It doesn’t come as a surprise that this versatile mellow colour is, in fact, a wedding colour showstopper. It’s mighty perfect for a wedding in every season. Sparkling gold hints breaks the softness of aquamarine making them an almost inseparable pair – much like the couple of the hour. 

7. Fiery Red

While pink could be an irresistible choice for many, the defacto choice when it comes to Indian weddings is actually Red. Especially Hindu weddings incorporate a lot of red in their weddings as it is deemed to be an auspicious colour. although a fierce colour, it is one of the most popular and beautiful colours out there. It also represents passion and love. So, what better colour to represent the love and passion between the couple?

8. Classic Blue

What’s more romantic than watching a thousand stars on a clear night sky you ask? Bringing this backdrop down to your wedding theme. The blissful blue colour not only looks rich and glamorous, but its beauty is also elevated with shimmery silver touches or glimpses of gold. This wedding colour pair is, in all true sense – enchanting!

9. Living Coral

Titled wedding colour of the year and for all the right reasons, just looking at a wedding-themed along the lines of this playful pop of pinkish-orange will make you want to steal it for your own wedding. Adding bursts of this cheerful colour in small elements like tabletops, the groom’s tie and flower decorations are going to make your big day a lot more ecstatic!

10. Tranquil Dawn

Serene, calm and full of hope – sounds like an ideal marriage, doesn’t it? Wedding colour 2020 tranquil dawn is all those things and more! If you intend on having an outdoor wedding, there’s nothing like the colour of sea and skies complemented by this gorgeous grey that instantly relaxes the atmosphere and also makes for beautiful wedding invitations.

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