Here’s Your Guide To Select Best Wedding Invitations In India

Weddings are largely celebrated across the world. It is an occasion that is celebrated on a grand scale. If someone gets married in India, you know that their wedding will be the Big Fat Indian Wedding! Although there are different traditions and cultures that influence the way a wedding is celebrated, it is always special. A wedding invitation is the most important feature of a wedding. This is because it is an invitation to your friends and family to be a part of one of the most special days in your lives. But today, there are so many different types of wedding invitations available. In this article, we will explain the many types of wedding invitations in India so you know the different options available!

Wedding Invitations in India
Wedding Invitations in India

There are many types of wedding invitations in India. Here are some of the options that you could select for yourself! 

#1 Classic Signature Wedding Invitation 

It is the most commonly seen and received wedding invitation in India. It is a simple and traditional card that addresses the occasion of the wedding and requests your guest’s presence to commemorate the celebration. 

#2 Photograph Wedding Invitation 

This wedding invitation in India has recently seen an uprising, adding the photograph of the to-be-married couple in the card. A sweet and romantic picture of the couple is seen with words of how happy they are to embark on the new journey. So, if you have shot some amazingly beautiful pre-wedding photographs, think about this kind of an invitation. 

#3 Laser Cut Wedding Invitation 

This kind of wedding invitation is not seen as often in India, but is an invitation that people love! The intricate laser cuts around the invitation give it more detailing and make your guests experience a unique card. Apart from just the laser cut, you can also add notes of lace around or in your card, just to enhance its prettiness! 

#4 Religious Wedding Invitations 

Those who are religious in their way of celebrating also tend to use cards that depict symbols of their religion. This kind of wedding invitations in India is designed keeping God in mind because of whom the perfect jodi has met. 

#5 Illustrated Wedding Invitations 

Illustrated wedding invitations in India can be a little high on the price end. But they are absolutely gorgeous and unique. Illustrations of a floral theme, pop of colour, or even sketches of you and the groom can be displayed on it. It is a different, modern and unique wedding invitation but will definitely be a good one! 

#7 Wedding Invitation Box 

Apart from physical wedding invitations in India, couples have started creating and sending wedding invitation boxes. Yes, this is something that would require an expansive budget but it is completely different from the norm. These invitation boxes can contain literally anything you want, from chocolates to sweets to dry fruit, to even silver coins and jewels! The list is endless and possibilities are a lot. If you want to send across your wedding invitation card in a wedding box you can do so! This practice as of now is only prevalent amongst the uber rich. So if the budget has no limit and you want your wedding invitation to be spectacular you can definitely do this.

#8 E-Invites 

Wedding invitations in India now no longer have to only be physical cards. They can even be e-invites or digital video invitations. E-invites are something that is upcoming, less expensive and more responsive. Along with the e-invite, you can send them a message asking them to RSVP by replying to it.

There are so many types of wedding invitations in India that you will literally have to sit and figure what works best for you. The design should be of your taste and it should be within your budget. When sending out invitations people generally prioritize their guest list. E-invites is usually sent to the people who are mere acquaintances or someone the bridal party wants to invite. It is easier to reach out to someone through that mode instead of making trips to visit their place and go through so much hassle when you are busy planning a wedding! Physical wedding cards are usually given to guests who are close family and friends or are older and elderly in age as giving them a physical wedding card marks respect as well.

A wedding regardless of it being grand or simple always includes a wedding invitation. We hope the above list of the types of wedding invitations in India inspire you to create the perfect invitation. In the end, it all depends on you and your choice, after all, it is your special day!

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