Wedding invitations rules that no one will tell you about!

One of the most important tasks in your wedding planning journey is managing wedding invitations. After all, if your guests don’t turn up, what’s the point of everything else? But there are some subtle-yet-important etiquettes of sending out wedding invitations that every couple needs to know about.

Wedding Invitation Rules
Wedding Invitation Rules

Following these wedding invitations rules will ensure maximum guests RSVP YES to your big day!

#1. Make It Informative

No guest likes to disturb the couple or their family on the days of the functions. But is often forced to do so because of incomplete information on the wedding card. The map to the venue may not be given, dress code details could be missing or the itinerary might not be clear. When working on the content for your wedding invitation, add as much relevant information for your guests as possible.

The best way to do this is to create a wedding website, and share the URL in your invitation. A website allows you to have detailed information including Google Map links to the venue, dress code, timings, and even a little background into the significance of each function. All this helps the guests feel more involved and connected to the wedding.

#2. Time is of the essence!

“Better late than never” may be a great motivational line for the lazy, but it’s definitely not good advice when it comes to wedding invitations. A wedding card, in the form of a formal invitation, should be sent to guests six to eight weeks prior to the wedding. This gives them enough time to plan their schedule and block their calendars. Out-of-towners will need to make travel arrangements, while in-town guests might have to move around their existing plans. Either way, it makes things easy for them. Leaving the wedding invitation for the last minute will make your guests feel like an afterthought, and that’s not how you want to set the tone for your big day.

#3. It’s all about the personal touch!

You can have the most elaborate wedding invitation, but nothing replaces the value a guest places on personalized invitations. The first non-negotiable rule here is to call each guest personally and extend an invitation. If you’re having a magnum opus wedding with a thousand plus guest list, and feel it is impossible to personally call each guest, loop in friends and family members to help out.

Further, when addressing your invitations, make sure it’s done in the right format. The traditional way to do it is “Mr & Mrs {Husband’S Full Name}” for married couples. For singles, it is title followed by the full name. Make sure you get the spellings right. When a family is invited you use both first and last name. All these may seem inconsequential, but trust us; they matter in the bigger picture.

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