The Perfect Wedding Invitations for a Tamil Wedding in 2020

Tamil weddings are deeply rooted in traditions and rituals and are known for their exuberance and colourfulness. Kanjeevaram sarees and jasmine flowers are a common sight at these weddings and they are so very different from weddings in the North. One of the main things that Tamilians take very seriously when it comes to weddings are the wedding invitations. There’s a strong culture here of visiting everyone you know and distributing wedding cards to everyone. Millennials are also opting for the digital invites options and during this pandemic, these are the only safest option.

With something for everyone, here are the best tamil invitation card designs for you to choose from!

Tamil Wedding InvitationsTamil Wedding Invitations
Tamil Wedding Invitations

#1. Beyond the Bougainvillea

 Beyond the Bougainvillea
Beyond the Bougainvillea

This wedding invitation is one best suited for outdoor and summer weddings. The rich marron and teal colour is perfect for this theme. This design is perfect even for a bohemian/gipsy style wedding. It gives the perfect romantic feel entwined with nature!  

#2. A Royal Ride

A Royal Ride
A Royal Ride

Red is the classic colour when it comes to weddings and even has a significant role in Tamil weddings. This fiery red invitation comes even as multipage cards. The rustic gold design and script goes perfectly well with the red. 

#3. Splash of Life

Splash of Life

Splash of life comes in three different shades. Blushing pink, Sun Gold and Teal. These are the perfect invitations if you’re going for particular colour code for your wedding. This GIF card is perfect to share on WhatsApp and can also be printed as a wedding card. 

#4. Ganesh Mantra

Ganesh Mantra

Ganesha is one of the most loved Gods by Tamilians. He’s auspicious for new beginnings and is a staple at Tamil weddings. One of the wedding invitations that incorporate Ganesha well is the Ganesh Mantra invite. The saffron colour goes really well with the ivory design and the Ganesha motif. 

#5. Functions in colour

Functions in colour
Functions in colour

This is one of the multi-page wedding invitations offered by Wedding Wishlist. This pink and the light yellow colour go perfectly well with each other and offer a delicately designed invite with all the tulips in the background. 

#6. Block Print

Block Print
Block Print

Tamil weddings are well known for their colourfulness and people are not afraid to embrace the bolder choices when it comes to colour. This dashing pink incorporated with rustic gold, orange and red is definitely an amazing choice if you love bold colours!

#7. Floral Frame

 Floral Frame
Floral Frame

This yellow and blue wedding invitation is suitable for any wedding you have. It can be outdoors, indoors and even a beach wedding. This invite goes perfect with every wedding theme and the different flowers here are very minutely designed. 

#8. The Perfect Frame

The Perfect Frame
The Perfect Frame

This invitation veers away from the traditional designs and has a more modern contemporary look. The lilac/lavender flowers go well with the white backdrop of the invite. One of the best choices when it comes to wedding invitations for millennial couples. 

#9. Indian Blossom

Indian Blossom

Indian Blossom is perfect for you if you love flowers and much of your decor consists of them. It’s a beautifully and intricately designed card with a default Ganesha motif that can be changed. The predominant eggshell/ivory colour with the red and pink flowers go really well with the black and ochre colour. A similar design is available in the multi-page invites section called Classic Floral. 

#10. Strands of Love

Strands of Love

Last but not the least, this GIF animated card is one of the most perfect wedding invitations for a Tamil wedding. With Marigold flowers and a close-up of a couple doing the Saptapadi, this is the quintessential Tamil wedding invite.

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