New Wedding Invites for 2021 That You Must Get Your Hands-On!

New Year, new beginnings, and new wedding invitation styles! To be honest, when you plan your wedding you have an idea of how everything should pan out. From your wedding outfits to the venue and even your wedding invite! Now, we must say that the wedding invites have numerous designs and layouts, and just like fashion, the wedding invite trends change over the years. You may now wonder, but how will you find the one that’s trendy for 2021 but also is in sync with your wedding expectations. When you have your trusted wedding website to fall back for everything wedding then why worry, right? 

Wedding Invites
Wedding Invites

Fret not, because we’ve listed the wedding invites that you must definitely get your hands on for 2021!

#1. Bouquet of Love

Minimalistic, elegant with hints of gold and floral elements to it. The bouquet of love wedding invite design is perfect. It highlights the tonality of the wedding, and it speaks volumes of how beautiful your wedding will be. 

#2. The Perfect Frame

If you’re looking to amp up the digital wedding invites, you can always go for an animated one. It adds a touch of fun and glam to it, especially the design of the perfect frame! This is yet another simple wedding invite but with an animated element to it. Your guests won’t see it coming, so it’s definitely going to mesmerize them 😉 

#3. Love Story – Green 

It’s a love story, just say yes to this wedding invite! This wedding invitation design is beyond perfect. One can say it’s a definite match made in the heaven of all wedding invites. Plus, this invitation is a multi-page one. The design on the main page is then carried over to the rest of the invite with a stunning floral wreath print which you just can’t help but fall in love with. 

#4. Enchanted

Looking for an upbeat yet classing wedding invite? Look no further than the ‘Enchanted’. This invitation is the epitome of classy weddings. If your wedding theme is black and white then this will fit incredibly. If you’re going for a classic 90’s vibe, then this invite will be amazing. Overall, if you want something classy then this wedding invite is it. 

#5. Bed of Roses

The flower of love, roses. Nothing can ever go wrong with a rose print design on a wedding invite! Bonus point, if the design is animated it will be super amazing and pretty. The design of the roses too isn’t very sharp, it has a slight watercolor effect to it making it seem very soft and natural. Doesn’t that sound lovely for a wedding invitation, especially for 2021? 

#6. Forever Yours

Forever thine, forever yours will be this gorgeous wedding invite! This wedding invite stands out from all the rest. It has a strong pictorial representation of a wedding, the union of you and your partner. We’re so sure that once you look at this wedding invite, you’re bound to say – Forever Mine (aka – this wedding invite is made just for you!)

#7. Ganesh Chakra – Orange

Orange is an auspicious color, for those getting married in a Hindu tradition. This color along with the Ganesh Chakra design will spark traditional values in your wedding invitation. This is a multi-page wedding invite, that has a bright orange color with spiritual attachments in design. If your background is strongly traditional and you’re seeking a wedding invitation that’s exactly how we have described it, then this is the one for you. 

#8. Fairy Lights and Galaxy 

If you’re a lover of the sky, stars, and extremely pretty small lights this wedding invite design is for you. This animated invitation card is sparkly, magical, and majestic. And we know that if this is the vibe for your 2021 wedding then this has got to be your wedding card!
P.S. this is a super-super cool card. 

#9. Beach and Turtles 

Planning a tropical themed wedding? Where it’s all sand, beach, waves, and sun? Another incredible wedding invite design is that of the Beach and Turtles, it is truly unlike others you have ever come across. It embodies the spirit of a beach wedding while passing along chill and cool vibes. 

#10. A Royal Ride 

This wedding invitation design has a little story to it, the elements of royalty in gold, and the red background of the card will make this a wedding invite that will be memorable for a lifetime. Everything about this card is brilliant, and it’s safe to say that your wedding will be too! 

#11. Swept Away

Royal blue with golden, this color palette if nothing else will surely sweep you off your feet. The gold detailing in the intricate designs gives the grand and exquisite aesthetic to the invite, and will also set an idea in the minds of your guests that your wedding in 2021 will be the benchmark to every other wedding. EVER. 

#12. Under The Canopy

Pastel colors are not a thing of the past, and if your wedding is a high-end destination wedding during the summer then this is the wedding invitation you must choose! It screams summer and the color scheme present is very different from traditional colors. And since this is a wedding in 2021, thinking outside the box is a must; isn’t it? 

The wedding invites that we’ve suggested are definitely ones you must have to look at. We’re sure you’re going to love them all. But the best part of these wedding invitations is that you get to customize them further if you want. And if you’re still looking for some more invitation inspirations or design you can view them at our website, here. You will find ‘the one’, that’s for sure.

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