Wedding Magazines in India You Should Totally Know in 2020!

Remember the bookmarking pages of wedding magazines? Or that time when we placed huge cut-outs from these books all around our room? Especially for the ones who dreamt of the fairytale! Now, it is time to get our hands back on them and research. Over the years our big fit Indian wedding has only become bigger and the trends are never-ending. So, from heavy designer wear to the perfect decor, we have tons of wedding magazines in India to get you going for the big day.

Here is a list of 10 Wedding Magazines in India that you should pick up from the stands right away!

Wedding Magazines
Wedding Magazines

#1. Wedding Vows

If you’re looking for a wedding magazine in India with a more south Indian touch like how to rock that Pattu sari or pair up the right temple jewelry and more – then Wedding Vows it is. Apart from bringing to you the ultimate south Indian bride trends, the magazine also suggests a whole lot of ways to get your planning going. You could even get inspired by their real stories column, where they feature stories of various couples week after week. And not just that, the magazine has also got some fusion bridal looks, travel & honeymoon tips, themes for weddings and some trendy wedding notes from Bollywood and around the world as well.

#2. Femina Wedding Times

This magazine recently caught our attention because of the many other bold avatars from actors month after month. For this reason, Femina Wedding Times is one of the top wedding magazines in India to pick up. From details of Bipasha Basu’s Bengali wedding to florals and bringing the Nath (nose ring) back in vogue, their many issues are your bible for everything weddings. We also personally loved their Yami Gautam issue, which is for those of you who would like to go out of the box for the big day and not just make note of ethnic details but get the ultra-glamorous finish as well. Also, if you’re thinking this one is just for the women, then hold on. They have several style statements from Rajkummar Rao and a lot of our favorite men as well, for the bridegroom’s wedding avatar.

#3. Wedding Affair

If you’re looking for the right brands to pick for your wedding, wellness products to keep the glow, and the perfect destination to whisk away and tie the knot, then the Wedding Affair is the wedding magazine for you. With looks straight from the ramp, celebrity inspirations and mostly subtle details, the magazine is all about the tips and tricks to ace the big day. A glance at the Wedding Affair and you will find everything you need. From minimalist bridal looks, hairstyles for the bride, details from extravagant weddings around India, and lots of adorable stories of our idols.

#4. Harper’s Bazaar Bride

Bazaar Bride is what we call edgy and all things glitzy. And like they say, you would want to pin every picture from their issue. From bridal inspirations from Sonam Kapoor to some classy influence from Salman Khan, Bazaar Bride is one of the best wedding magazines of India for both brides and bridegrooms alike. Also, it doesn’t just stop at starry covers, Bazaar Bride has also got some ‘When Art Weds Fashion’ issues and has in the past, set some unbelievable vintage trends. Like that time when Aishwarya Rai gave us major goals as a modern and the ultimate sophisticated bride. And not to forget, look books with the many lavish and unique jewels of India. So, if you’re on the way to becoming a fashionable bride, a one that drapes the saree and yet retains those Cheetah prints, then here’s where you have to get your tips from!

#5. Vogue Weddings

Now, Vogue might not have a wedding issue. But the magazine surely knows how to nail it, when it comes to presenting celebrity weddings. Right from Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s ceremony to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ jaw-dropping vows, Vogue Weddings presents the glamourous world like none other. And if you’re a movie fanatic and all of last year’s weddings took you by storm, then Vogue it is. We knew Vogue was our go-to magazine when they dropped the Sonam issue last year, which got us more than 150 some exclusive shots/details of the most stylish wedding of the year. From intricate details of clothing to beautiful jewelry, Mangalsutra trends and wedding looks of not just the bride/bridegroom but also the friends/family, there is more than just one takeaway with Vogue’s bridal sections.

#6. Mandala Weddings

Mandala Weddings is one of those wedding magazines that leaves behind all the stars and brings to you chapters from real Indian weddings around the world. Yes, not just Rajasthani destination weddings or vows along the beaches of South India. But they also beautifully capture memorable Indian weddings abroad and present it to us. If you’re looking to know how one of us did it, how they went about their big day, and made it picture-perfect, then Mandala Weddings might be the book you want to make notes from. They also give simple and pretty style tips for Lehengas and several looks for the bridegroom as well.

#7. Brides Today

Brides Today is all about the current happenings in the Big Fat Indian Wedding world. If you want to stay hooked to who is getting married to whom and most importantly in what style, then Brides Today might be the wedding magazine for you. From Mehendi and Haldi ceremony trends to the latest couture showcase by our favorite designers and tons of celebrity wedding roundups, this is your one-stop point, for all the details that there is from the stars who tied the knot most recently.

#8. Wedding Sutra

Wedding Sutra is what we would like to call the digital version of the A-Z of weddings. Real Wedding Stories, Celebrity wedding archives, Bride tips, Groom inspirations, destinations to consider, planning and even personal blogs, you name it and the website’s got you covered. This wedding magazine is unlike any other wedding magazines, considering it gives you the advantage of being user-friendly and very much on the go. They have bucket loads of wedding diaries from around India, for your bridal inspo. And the list of takeaways from this site is almost never-ending!

#9. WedMeGood

WedMeGood is another blog on the block, that features beautiful Indian weddings and several tips to take home. Now, if you have been following them on social media, you’ll know that their feed has an assorted collection. They have features from South, North, East, West, and every wedding that there is in our country. However, if you’re also looking for the right options to choose from, to sort your big day, then their website it is. WedMeGood is that digital version of a magazine that hooks you up with solid photographers, venues, decorators, and destinations.

#10. Suhaag

Apart from conducting glamourous wedding shows, Suhaag is also known for being one of a kind South Asian wedding magazine. You have got beauty tips from more than just one country, there are Indian wedding stories from the colonies of Santorini and some motivational columns too for the bride and bridegroom to destress. Plus, if you’re on bridesmaid duty, then bachelorette tips and all things you need to assemble for your BFF is sorted as well with their various bridal sections.

So, if your D-Day is approaching or you have just put the ring on it, grab the above wedding magazines in India, make sure to burn the midnight oil and you’re sure to ace that wedding! If you’re still stuck, Wedding Wishlist is here to help you.

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