Big Girl in a Skinny World: Best Wedding Outfit Ideas in 2020

Being a curvy girl comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to wedding outfit ideas. From having enough points of visual references in media and culture to the bizarre tent-style designs and unflattering fits. And even sniggering shopkeepers who tell you they don’t make clothes your size, for most curvy girls, shopping is more of a hit and miss experience where they can never be sure of the final outfit because there is usually a lot of customisation involved. When you are looking for your wedding outfit ideas there is a considerable amount of money at stake. So no one wants to take a chance on wedding outfits that may turn out to be not how you imagined them.

Best Wedding Outfit Ideas
Best Wedding Outfit Ideas

But worry not, as we are here to help you with a few wedding outfit ideas to make it a little bit easier for you to plan your trousseau!

#1. Say Yes to the Saree!

We all know this! Sarees are the curvy girl’s best friend. Not only do they do a wonderful job of hiding problem areas and accentuating your curves, but investing is a good saree is also an investment worth the money you spend on it. Because a saree is one of the few items of clothing that will accommodate any size changes for life. Go for fabrics that drape closer to your body. For example, georgette, soft cotton, cotton silk and silks, and ALWAYS pay attention to the blouse.

 If you are not too conscious of your arms (no reason why you should be!), then go for a sleeveless blouse, it automatically adds so much to the structure and silhouette of the saree and makes you look elegant and glamorous. If sleeveless is not your thing, then go for an elbow-length, well-fitted blouse. Remember Anoushka Shetty’s look in the Baahubali movies? That’s your cue to experiment with contrasting colours for your blouses. I am a big fan of the open drape, it looks graceful and you can adjust it according to your convenience, plus it looks super beautiful in photographs. You can go for a mid-length neckpiece to add more structure to your sarees, and don’t forget a pair of Jhumkas!

#2. Twirl those Lehengas!

Contrary to popular opinions, lehengas work really well on the curvy bride. You don’t have to worry about wearing only dark coloured lehengas, the rainbow is your spectrum for wedding outfit ideas for a lehenga. Just be careful about the shape of your lehenga, the style of your blouse and the way you are going to drape the dupatta, and you are all set. I would strongly advise against A-line or mermaid cut lehengas since they tend to bunch the fabric up at the wrong places. Go for fuller flares, as full as you like, it’s your wedding, after all. Not only will the flare dramatise your outfit but it will also make for amazing twirling photographs, the kind you have been saving on your Pinterest board. 

The Lehenga Twirl
The Lehenga Twirl

If you want to wear a short choli, go for a crop top style choli that ends just above the band of your lehenga, tied on the slimmest part of your waist. Otherwise, go for a long choli that ends a few inches below the band of your lehenga and you just cannot go wrong with it. Just make sure you get a well defined structured neckline and a deep back. You can either choose to leave your dupatta in a one-shoulder open drape or drape it the usual front pallu saree style, and you will look like a diva either way. If you have a light, translucent fabric for your dupatta, you can even do the shawl drape or the two shoulder open drape and let it all flow. 

#3. Sharara Sharara!

If you have any doubts about how well a sharara can grace your curves, go to a wedding in Lucknow or Hyderabad, and you will see women of all sizes wearing shararas with such panache that they look like a million bucks. A sharara is a structured outfit, and like any structured outfit with sharp cuts and edges, it is designed to give you a polished, elegant look and should be a must-have in your list of wedding outfit ideas. Go for flowy fabrics, and adjust the length of the kurta according to your height. If you are tall, opt for kurtas that are at least an inch below your knees.


You can go for a relatively shorter kurta if you are not very tall, but don’t go too short as it will always ride up in a bunch from the back and will not give a neat look. You can go as easy on the flare as you like, you cannot go wrong with that. The classic sharara style drape of dupatta where you take it over the head looks amazing, but for a more contemporary look, you can opt for an open one-shouldered drape as well. Hair accessories like a paasa or a heavy maang tikka give this outfit a very regal look, so do consider getting these along with. 

#4. The Classic Suit!

No bride’s trousseau is complete without a few good Traditional Suits in it. But for the curvy bride, when it comes to heavy suits, it’s a very tight ropewalk. It is nearly impossible to find readymade suit pieces, the semi-stitched ones often fall short on the sleeves or in the length, the dupattas are never long enough or broad enough. The best, and most value-effective wedding outfit idea to get those beautiful suits for yourself is going the tailored way. Get good quality fabrics like Silk, Raw silk or georgette in beautiful, vibrant colours, head to your local dupatta market and get matching dupattas and borders if necessary, and get your customised suit stitched according to your measurements and specifications. Whether it’s the full-length Anarkali or the traditional straight cut kurta, you will look fabulous any which way. 

The Classic Suit
The Classic Suit

You can ask the tailor to keep additional margins inside to accommodate any weight fluctuations as well. Keep the length of the Kurtas at least a couple of inches below the knees for a polished look. You can get well-fitted pants or pyjamas as lowers, and if you are going for lighter fabrics like georgette, you can even get flarewedding outfit ideasd pants to go with your kurta. Keep the length of the kurta a couple of inches below the knees, and take your dupattas in either the two shoulder open drape or single shoulder open drape and you are all set. If you are looking for wedding outfit ideas that are versatile, pair your kurtas with a long skirt or a light plain lehenga, and you can make a completely new outfit out of it. Don’t forget to pair these suits with beautiful big earrings to compliment the look. 

#5. Don the Evergreen Gown!

Gowns look so magnificent and given the right silhouette, can completely transform your look. If you are a curvy girl, choosing the right kind of gown can help you put together really grand looks for your wedding outfit ideas. You can go for single piece gowns in lighter fabrics like georgette or chiffon and get a nice flared silhouette, or if you want to go for heavier fabrics like taffeta silk or velvet then go for a multi-piece ensemble with a full-length jacket and skirt underneath rather than a one-piece gown. A multi-piece ensemble will be more versatile in the long run and it will add more dimension to your outfit, making it more suitable for your wedding trousseau. 

The All-Time Fav Gown
The All-Time Fav Gown

So what are you waiting for? Go Ahead, try out these wedding outfit ideas and be the Bride you have always dreamt to be.

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Image Credits: Pinterest, Meera Plus Size Store & Shaadiwish


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