How to Nail Your Wedding Photography in Corona Times

Who would’ve thought that a deadly virus would put our lives on hold and make the big fat Indian weddings go on a diet? Certainly not us! But we can definitely say that technology has come a long way to help us navigate these choppy waters. Now since social gatherings are banned, couples are having a small, intimate wedding with no more than 50 guests. Even if you have such a small wedding, one thing you cannot ignore is the wedding photography. So, here is one of the best photographers – Studio 31 to answer all your wedding photography-related questions in Corona times!

Wedding Photography in Corona Times.
Wedding Photography in Corona Times

1) What safety precautions would you take for your clients?

Studio 31 has implemented stringent policies and practices from the second week of March right when COVID-19 had started affecting our lives. Our practices are aligned with WHO standards and we’ve trained our staff and also intimated our clients about the same. 

We’ve also created a declaration form that helps both the crew members and the client be rest assured of their safety when it comes to their wedding photography. Sanitizers, masks and gloves have now become a part of our gears and we’re making use of them regularly.

2) How do you deal with couples who cancelled their weddings recently?

We’ve launched a campaign to educate our clients not to cancel their events, but to postpone them. It has worked and we’ve had only 8% cancellations as on date. The rest of them have been kept on hold or postponed to a later date.

We have a no refund policy. However, the client has the option to transfer the order to a friend or a relative. They can also utilise their wedding photography booking for any future event in their family. Since we’re an organised business, our terms and conditions are explained to the client well before we take the booking. It’s all legally bound and signed. Hence, we did not face any issues with any of the clients who book us.

3) What do you think will be the wedding photography trends in the coming wedding season?

In the Corona times, we’re seeing a lot of couples opt for intimate and documentary-style photoshoots. Getting the pre-wedding photoshoot done can be tricky as travel is being strictly monitored and destination pre-wedding shoots are out of the question. Couples are opting to get their pre-wedding shoot done in their home or farmhouse or in similar places.

4) If a couple decides to have a small wedding ceremony at home in the times of the coronavirus, what wedding photography tips would you give them? 

A home wedding with 50 guests is a golden opportunity to have a unique wedding since most probably, you’ll be the first person in your family to do so. Go creative. DIY it is. Be an example for the rest of your generation and show them how minimalism and a simple wedding also is beautiful. This is in-turn going to reflect in your wedding photography and films and the memories are going to last forever.

For photographers & cinematographers – the most important thing in a home wedding is the lighting. We recommend our clients to invest in lighting up the venue well. 

Some tips you can follow:

  • When planning a wedding at home, please be sure to set aside enough time for your hair and makeup so that it doesn’t delay the time of your event. This gives photographers a good opportunity to create documentary-style shots of you getting ready. 
  • Be sure to choose the most spacious part of your house so that there is enough room for photographers to capture your big day.
  • Invest time on Decor and let all your creative juices flow.
  • Do take time to have some couple portraits shot after your event. Your house is a great place to showcase who you really are. 
  • If your wedding is happening on your terrace try to use a bright, vibrant and saturated colour for your backdrop. One more tip: The sun will always shine brightly so do take that into consideration when you are planning to have it on your terrace. Just reach out to your photographer for assistance on the same and helps with the wedding photography.
  • It’s definitely not easy to downsize your wedding from 500 or 1000 to 30 or 50. But the reality is that the situation demands it. It’s unfortunate in some ways, but it is also a great way to have a cosy wedding with just your loved ones present. 
  • Safety is priority number 1. Ensure you and your guests follow social distancing and make seating arrangements accordingly. Wear masks all the time and have sanitizers on hand.

Have any other questions regarding your wedding photography or need some tips and ideas to plan a wedding during the corona pandemic? Join our exclusive WhatsApp group for couples by clicking here!

Byline: Studio 31

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