20 Best Wedding Planners in Kolkata You should Know – 2019

Wedding Planners in Kolkata
Top 20 Wedding Planners in Kolkata

Wedding planners in Kolkata are on a many. But weddings are special and everyone works towards making that day extraordinary. For this reason, we’re sure you want the best in the business plan your special day. So, why not take ideas and help from the best of the best?

Here are the 20 best wedding planners in Kolkata that you must look out for!

#1 Wedding Sutra

Can’t figure out how to deal with the wedding chaos? Well, Wedding Sutra is the answer to all things wedding. They are the best wedding planners in Kolkata because of their understanding of details, their style, and everything that goes into making your special day wonderful. If you seem to be stuck in such a situation, then you know whom to call.

Know more at weddingsutra.co.in

#2 Krafted Knots

Krafted Knots have one goal, and that is to create breathtakingly beautiful weddings. They are passionate about what they do and will make sure that your day will be an unforgettable one!  Doesn’t this sound like the work of the best wedding planners in Kolkata?

Know more at kraftedknots.com

#3 Events Veda

You probably have dreamed of your wedding day being the most magical and beautiful day of your life. Events Veda is there just to help make your day exactly how you want it to be. Attention to detail, unique, and creative; that is what marks their work and makes them the best wedding planners in Kolkata!

Know more at eventsveda.com

#4 The Royal Reception

Weddings are glamorous, trendy, luxurious, elegant, filmy, and royal. Who knows this better than the Royal Reception! This wedding planner is one of the top and most sought after in Kolkata. Their aim is to create the perfect wedding with a feeling of eliteness.

Know more at theroyalreception.com

#5 Marriageuana

Want a wedding that is executed at a top-notch level, then Marriageuana is your bet. From rituals to splendour they do it all. If you want a destination wedding, they promise you that it will be best anyone has ever seen. So, don’t look any further, the best wedding planners in Kolkata are here just for you.

Know more at marriageuana.com

#6 Dream Bubbles

Destination weddings are dreams that are waiting to come true. Dream Bubbles helps create that exact dream you have been having for a long time. Their work has made them outstanding in their field and made them the best wedding planners in Kolkata. If you want the best, then you will have the best. So contact them soon!

Know more at dreambubbles.in

#7 Trulyours

A marriage is a union of cultures, family, and love. Trulyours works in creating a wedding that is dynamic in style with perfect execution. This wedding planner’s vision is to create innovatively and beyond imagination. Doesn’t this sound amazing and exactly what you are looking out for?

Know more at trulyours.in

#8 EventMz

EventMz is committed to delivering a wedding of a lifetime. A wedding that will speak wonders of your love and meaning of your marriage to your partner. They are the best wedding planners in Kolkata because of their tireless effort of creating the perfect wedding with a blend of tradition and glitter.

Know more at eventmz.webs.com

#9 90 Degrees

Planning and organizing a wedding can be difficult, which is why 90 Degrees is available to help you create a wedding that touches your 360-degree wedding vision. If you this is exactly what you had in mind, then you know where to find this wedding planner in Kolkata.

Know more at 90degrees.net.in

#10 Veydaa

Making eternal dreams a reality would be the work of Veydaa. They are the best wedding planners who envision your day as theirs and will work towards making it incredible. Their passion and understanding makes the best in what they do and isn’t that what you want?

Know more at veydaa.com

#11 Asparagus Events

Are you looking out for a budget wedding planner in Kolkata, then Asparagus Events is the place! If you want a celebration that will be remarkable and unforgettable, they have you covered. Say I do, to them and experience a fairytale wedding.

Know more at asparagusevents.com

#12 Festiivent

Want stress free wedding planning, then leave it to the best wedding planners in Kolkata – Festiivent! They understand traditional and elaborate weddings at the tip of their fingers. Weddings ought to bring joy and happiness, so leave it to the pros and experience it the way it is.

Know more at indiaeventmanagers.com

#13 Purple Ideas

One of the leading and best wedding planners in Kolkata is Purple Ideas. Why so you ask? Because they have innovative ideas on how to celebrate your wedding. They will help in every step to make your dream a reality.

Know more at purpleideas.in

#14 Abhirup’s Wedding & Event Planning

The secret to a happy marriage is joy and happiness, and to mark the beginning of it must be a celebration of a lifetime. Abhirup’s Wedding & Event Planning aims at creating the best wedding for a lifetime supply of happy memories. If you have them as your wedding planners, then it is guaranteed that your wedding will be incredible!

Know more at abhirupsweddingeventplanner.in

#15 Shagunn

A wedding celebration brings the family close, to weave a special dream. Shagunn as the name would suggest will bring happiness, ideas, and a vision to bring your imagination to life! To have the best wedding, you have to get the best wedding planners.

Know more at shagunnindia.com

#16 Emerald Events

A wedding planner who can create both a modern and traditional wedding is a winner in the eyes of many. And if you have a vision in mind for your wedding then Emerald Events will make it come true.  Their passion and experience make them the best wedding planners in Kolkata, and there is no doubt about it.

Know more emeraldevents.in

#17 Shloka Events

Shloka Events are the best wedding planners in Kolkata because of their passion and love for destination weddings. If you want a luxurious and elite wedding then there’s no one other than Shloka Events. Their planning and execution of every detail make weddings spectacular.

Know more at shlokaevents.com

#18 WeDent Group

Wedding planners are saviours in disguise when the madness of planning takes over. WeDent Group provides professional work on creating an exceptional wedding. Their expertise speaks volumes as to why they are the best wedding planners in Kolkata.

Know more at wedentgroup.com

#19 Shree Krishna Events

Need expert wedding planners in creating a beautiful wedding. Look no further than to Shree Krishna Events in Kolkata! They call themselves wedding specialists because they understand every need and requirement to make the special day fantastic.

Know more at shreekrishnaevents.com

#20 Navkriti

Weddings however small or big require immense planning and help. Navkriti makes complete arrangements for your special day. From various themes to glamour this wedding planner has it figured out. So, if you need professional help with your wedding contact Navkriti, they are always ready.

Know more at navkirti.weebly.com

So many things go into the making of a wedding and if you need help in getting that done, there are multiple wedding planners in Kolkata available. Their dream is to make your dream come true. So, make the most of it!


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