21 Best Wedding Planners in Mumbai to Hire for Your Wedding!

Top Wedding Planners in Mumbai

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Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, so it is obvious that these best wedding planners will make your dream wedding come true.

So, if you are wondering who these fabulous people are, then have a look at the 21 best wedding planners mentioned below.

#1 Elite Wedding Planner

Impeccable destination wedding planning from the best wedding planners in Mumbai! Elite Wedding Planner is known for their fresh innovative ideas and creative execution. If you want your wedding to be a little desi and hatke then you know whom to call!

Know more at www.eliteweddingplanner.in

#2 The Wedding Soul

A wedding celebration brings joy and happiness and who knows to do this better than The Wedding Soul! They are one of the best wedding planners anyone could ask for in Mumbai. They understand the meaning of marriage and have the soul to make sure that your wedding will be remarkable!

Know more at www.theweddingsoul.com

#3 Party Cruisers

Party Cruisers know wedding planning at the tip of their fingers! They are the best wedding planners who will make sure to capture every minute and turn them into perfect memories. They surely know how to party and plan one too, if this sounds like something you need to have then you know where to look!

Know more at www.partycruisersindia.com

#4 Marry Me

Marry Me knows you. They are the best wedding planners in Mumbai because all they want is to make you happy and give you a day that will be etched in your hears. With vibrant colors, elaborate plans and a budget that you can stick by; Marry Me will leave you with a perfect wedding.

Know more at www.marrymeweddings.in

#5 Momente

Every tiny detail grows on to leading the big day, the wedding. Momente helps bring all those details together to let you live your fairytale dream. Now, doesn’t this sound like wedding planners sent from heaven?

Know more at www.momente.in

#6 Wednishka

The answer to the best wedding planners in Mumbai… would be Wednishka! From creative ideation to perfect execution, they are there to assist in every step and make sure that your wedding is stress-free!

Know more at www.wedniksha.com

#7 Wedding Dreams

Imagine a dream team just for your wedding day. Now, doesn’t that sound good? Not only is Wedding Dreams the best wedding planner in Mumbai, but they are the most creative and certain in their work of making your wedding a magical one.

Know more at www.weddingdream.net

#8 Var Vadhu

Modern and chic weddings are their specialty, so if this is something that falls under your category then Var Vadhu is the one for you! They know how to turn a traditional wedding into a luxurious charming one, that is what makes them the best wedding planners in Mumbai.

Know more at www.varvadhu.net

#9 The Wedding Designers

The Wedding Designers come bearing ideas and enthusiasm.Excitement is what keeps the mood of the wedding in such a high, and with their creative ideas, you won’t stop buzzing with happiness. They are always on their toes to provide you with a wedding of a lifetime, and that is what makes them the best wedding planners in Mumbai.

Know more at www.theweddingdesigners.in

#10 Marigold Pages, The Wedding Company

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair, and each couple desires it to be perfect and just the way they have dreamt about it. Marigold Pages Wedding Company provides you with a one-stop solution to all your wedding-related needs and requirements. They will assist you from wedding planning to wedding decorations to wedding branding to wedding consultation services, and more. As an efficient wedding planners in India, they believe in leaving no stone unturned while making your wedding the most unique of all.

Know more at www.marigoldpages.in/

#11 Parinaya Wedding Management

Planning a wedding can be mind-boggling, which is why you leave it to the experts – Parinaya Wedding Management. They will bring your vision of a dream wedding into a reality with every ounce of creativity and hard work. If you have got the best wedding planners with you, then know that your wedding will be spectacular!

Know more at www.wparinaya.in

#12 The Wedding Co.

Authentic yet glamorous, that is the work of The Wedding Co, and that is why they are the best wedding planners in Mumbai! They deliver a wonderful and hassle-free experience so that the only thing you remember on the day of your wedding is to enjoy yourselves! Now, isn’t this how it’s supposed to be?

Know more at www.theweddingco.in

#13 Wedding Destination

To make your special day exceptional, this Mumbai wedding planner – Wedding Destination will be there for you. It can be difficult to keep up modern day trends and traditional concepts, but Wedding Destination will help through it all. Their belief is to make your wedding experience a remarkable one and your wedding to be unforgettable.

Know more at www.wdindia.in

#14 F5 Wedding

Experience a wedding that is flawless and unique, delivered by the best wedding planners F5 Wedding! Their understanding of your dream will be the perfect fit for you. Not only will they make the day seamless, but it will be well organized and full of life!

Know more at www.f5weddings.com

#15 DreamzKraft

Everyone dreams of a beautiful wedding and work hard towards achieving it, but sometimes it may not come together with the way you have planned it. DreamzKraft will work step by step with you in this process to make your dream wedding fabulous and full of love. Because these wedding planners believe in taking care of every detail to perfection.

Know more at www.dreamzkraft.com

#16 KYC Events

Magic, love, and happiness describe the work of KYC Events. They truly are one of the best wedding planners in Mumbai, and help plan and organize your wedding from the first ritual to the very end. If you love the sound of how they work, then you ought to give them a call!

Know more at www.kycevents.in

#17 Weddings By Gurleen M Puri

Gurleen M Puri understands the modern age couples, the ones who want to infuse culture, creativity, and design into their wedding. This wedding planner makes sure that your wedding has the personality of you and your partner and will make sure that even with a budget you can have a spectacular wedding.

Know more at www.weddingsbygurleenmpuri.com

#18 Parinay Dreams

If you have a destination wedding in mind then Parinay Dreams will make that dream come true. They are the best wedding planners who work with finesse and diligence, to make your wedding unique and exceptional!

Know more at www.parinaydreams.com

#19 Swaaha Wedding Management

Planning a wedding can can be chaotic and filled with unexpected turns. So, why not take the help of the best? Swaaha Wedding Management are the best wedding planners in Mumbai who do not deter at the sight of any hassle. They make sure that your day will be perfect.

Know more at www.swaaha.com

#20 Super Duper Weddings

Just as its name suggests, they are super amazing at what they do. This wedding planner emotes love, joy, and happiness all throughout the planning and execution of weddings. Be it Bollywood themed to a classic wedding, they have got you covered!

Know more at www.superduperweddings.com

#21 A New Knot

A New Knot are wedding planners who get super excited and thrilled to live out a fairytale dream. From traditional weddings to a destination wedding, they are ever ready to take a step into your magical day to make it flawless. Isn’t this the most sweetest and nicest wedding planner ever?

Know more at www.anewknot.com

Wedding planners are organized and creative saviors who help you plan out your special day to make it more spectacular. So, if you are considering one for your wedding then check these wedding planners out in different cities of the country – weddingwishlist.com

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