Use technology to simplify wedding planning in COVID times

In the matter of a few weeks, our world has changed. Simple everyday acts we took for granted—going to work, coffee with friends, movie at the theatre, now seem like distant dreams. On the other side, the ozone layer is healing, skies are bluer and the air is cleaner than ever before. The hope is that the post-Corona world will be one where everyone consciously lives more responsibly and less wastefully. In India, weddings account for maximum waste, and will hopefully also adapt to the new world order.

Using Technology for Wedding Planning
Using Technology for Wedding Planning

The good news is that technology can help couples plan weddings that are smart, waste-free and meaningful in the times ahead. Here’s how:

1. Go digital with your invites 

Paper invites have been struggling to justify their existence for a while now, with digital invites becoming a convenient and cost-friendly alternative. Now, more than ever, it’s time to go digital with your wedding invitations — from e-cards to wedding websites and apps—there are a range of budget-friendly options to replace (or at least reduce) printed cards. They can be sent to unlimited guests electronically making wedding planning very easy. What’s more? Guestlist and RSVPs can be updated with information on the go and managed digitally. 

2. Create a gift registry

One can’t over-emphasize the importance of a gift registry, especially now. A gift registry allows couples to create their wishlist of products, gift cards, holidays, cash and charities they like. Guests can buy or contribute to anything on this list. 

The advantages are many. Each gift the couple receives is one they use and love (since they chose it in the first place), saving them precious time and money otherwise needed to set up their new home. Plus, nothing needs to be stowed away in the infamous ‘regifting cupboard’! For wedding guests, the registry is hugely convenient as it allows them to buy a memorable gift within their budget, eliminates the need to shop and carry a box to the wedding, and delivers their gifts directly to the couple. Particularly in troubled times as with the Corona, when guests can’t physically make it to the wedding, a registry ensures they can still send the couple their love and blessings!

Wondering what gifts one can add to their registry when most stores and websites are not delivering? Here are some ideas….

a. Gift cards for delivery stores

From Big Basket to Amazon Pantry, right now it’s all about ordering your essentials online. And wouldn’t these gift cards make fabulous wedding gifts? They’ll definitely be appreciated by the couple and their families. 

b. E-books 

Finding constructive ways to spend time in the lockdown has become an art form, and e-books are definitely a foolproof idea. Add books that you and your partner would like to read to make your time at home most productive.

c. Charities

Blessed to have everything you need? Well, the world around us is not, so if you don’t want gifts, add a cause like the PM’s Relief Fund to your registry and use your gifts to make a difference for someone adversely affected. 

d. Cash

Not sure what you want? Create a cash registry and have your guests contribute to it. With the economy set to see tough times ahead, a little nest egg is never a bad idea. 

e. Subscriptions to your favourite streaming platforms

All you want to do is Netflix for the next few days? It’s time to stop stealing your friend’s accounts and get your own. Add memberships to your favourite streaming platforms to your registry and get your entertainment gifted to you. 

Wedding Planning in the COVID Times
Wedding Planning in the COVID Times

3. Get your wedding design elements sorted!

From a wedding monogram to motif and colour palette, get your design elements designed. Use an online website that is affordable and offer these elements. Enjoy the beautiful end results, and have a wedding your guests will remember.

4. Get the sangeet subsidized

Hiring a choreographer and getting your friends together may seem a daunting task in your wedding planning checklist. Instead, avail of the hundreds of sangeet choreographies available online and share with your friends. It will save you money and give your loved ones something fun to do during the lockdown. 

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