Wedding Planning Q/A by Wedding Planner— Occasions!

Wedding planning is definitely not an easy task. Planning an Indian wedding can be tough owing to the huge guest list and the elaborate ceremonies. But all this has come to a halt due to the pandemic. The industry is evolving a lot to adapt to the current situation. All this uncertainty can also make your planning process difficult. So, we got in touch with one of the best wedding planners Occasions. We’ve found the answers to some of the burning questions when it comes to planning a wedding during the pandemic. 

Wedding planning by Occasions
Wedding planning by Occasions

Here are all your wedding planning questions answered by Suraj from Occasions!

#1. If a couple is planning to have a small wedding now how should they plan it? 

The wedding function can either be at a private space, house, or any hotel banquets with just 40-50 invitees max. The decor to be used is either artificial flower decor or only fabric decor. The natural flowers might be infected. 

The couple can also go digital. They can get on a video call on Zoom, Google meets, etc. This way they can spend their special day with their closest family and friends. Even though they are miles apart, technology can bring them closer. They can also create a gift registry. This will ensure that their guests have a safe and easy way to get wedding gifts. Since everything is done online, the guests can get wedding gifts easily from the comfort of their own homes. 

#2. If a couple is planning to have a wedding later, how should they plan it? 

They should plan on inviting limited people to the wedding. A small intimate wedding is the way to go. The wedding planning must be done in such a way that the guests’ safety is assured. They must have limited food counters and ensure that adequate social distancing is maintained, especially in the dining area. Also, couples should not plan for destination weddings this year as they can put people at risk. 

#3. How does technology play a role in weddings in this current scenario?

There are a lot of technology platforms that the couple can utilize for their virtual wedding. During corona times, technology has played a huge role in everything and that includes weddings too. From sending online wedding invitations, creating wedding websites, and gift registries to having a live-streaming, technology has taken the big fat Indian weddings online. Even though couples can’t share their special day by inviting all their friends and family, they can do so by having a virtual wedding.

#4. Are there any apps or platforms that a couple can use to plan their wedding virtually?

As mentioned earlier, couples have a range of options to make their wedding planning easy. They can use Zoom and Skype to connect with their guests. Create wedding websites, gift registry, and purchase online wedding invitations from Wedding Wishlist. You can even get some wedding planning ideas from the blog!

#5. If a couple cancels a wedding with you and the vendors you are related to, what is the cancellation policy? 

This is our cancelation policy :

1. If the event gets canceled before 1 month of the event date, then the 30% advance amount will be retained as the preparations and vendor payments would have been released. 

2. If the event gets canceled 15 days prior to the event date, then the whole of the advance amount will be retained as the vendors would have not taken up other events and the losses will not be borne by them. 

3. According to the current situation, the event dates can be postponed and it will be taken into consideration. The booking made to the vendors for the dates can be changed to the future dates if the situation is under control by the government. The advance amount will not be returned if they decide to cancel the wedding for personal reasons.

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