Wedding Planning Tips for an Unconventional Wedding

“Suraj and I met on in the most unconventional way,” said Palak. Having met in the most unconventional way, Palak and Suraj also had a very unconventional wedding. Here’s a story of how they met and some really good wedding planning tips that will go a long way in saving some time and money. 

Wedding Planning Tips
Wedding Planning tips

“I was on the matrimony website because my family felt it was time to get married. But Suraj was on matrimony for a completely different reason,” said Palak. Working with a media house, Suraj signed up to matrimony to see how it worked for a work client. After dating for about 2 years, they decided to seal the deal with a wedding. 

With no pheras or church ceremonies, the duo decided to have a court marriage. Although they did have a Mehendi, sangeet, a commitment ceremony and wedding reception, everything was planned only for the closed group of people. “Our wedding planning went pretty smoothly since it was for a small set of people. We did learn a lot of things during the wedding planning though. Enough to give a lot of wedding planning tips to couples”

Here are some wedding planning tips from the couple themselves! 

Create a gift registry

As you must have understood by now, Palak and Suraj are a practical couple. It made all the sense to create a wedding gift registry for them. “We knew what we wanted and we definitely did not want re-gifted presents. There was also a big risk of the cash envelopes getting lost which is why we wanted to keep it completely online,” said Palak. The couple decided to have a gift card registry. It had a mix of Amazon, Home Centre, Urban ladder and travel gift cards. “We had a list of all the things we would need post the wedding. The contributions came handy in helping us set up our new home,” said Palak. It just turned out to be the most practical option for the couple. Their guests also loved it and appreciated it. “Most of my guests knew that something different was coming their way from us as a couple and they felt really comfortable doing this,” said Palak. 

Do your research

“There’s a lot out there for weddings. There are different styles, different budgets and a lot of vendors. It’s important to have an idea of the kind of wedding you want and then do your research specific to that.” said Palak. Wedding vendors work with couples day in and day out and having worked with multiple weddings helps them give a lot of ideas, which then confuses the couple. So it is always better to have an idea of the kind of wedding you want and sticking to research in the specific category. 

Don’t tell vendors you’re getting married

Vendors make a lot of assumptions when you tell them you’re getting married. “We anyway didn’t have a conventional wedding. There was no mandap, pheras and pandit. So we only went out and said that we’re having a cocktail party and that we’d like budgets for that. So never tell them you’re getting married when you are trying to get the rates out of wedding vendors. This is one of the many wedding planning tips I give my to-be-married friends.” said Palak

Negotiate as much as you can 

“Wedding vendors love to get money out of you. Negotiate negotiate negotiate. You can definitely bring them down to your budgets.” 

Don’t go for an unlimited alcohol package

Lots of wedding venues have the option of an unlimited booze package. While that might sound very tempting since the wedding is a happy occasion, it’s really not. Palak mentioned that they had a lot of alcohol left behind from the wedding because people did not drink as much. It’s always better not to take that option because people don’t really drink so much at weddings. 

So these are the 5 wedding planning tips from a modern-day couple. Having met each other in the most unconventional fashion, it made sense to also break all sorts of stereotypes in the kind of wedding a couple needs to have. If you’re looking for more such advice/wedding planning tips sign up to Wedding Wishlist.

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