Important Wedding Planning Tips by Benedict & Chanchal!

A wedding is just a celebration of love. If at the end of the day, you end up married to the person you love, then everything went perfectly…

This famous quote pretty much sums up the wedding planning of Wedding Wishlist couple Benedict and Chanchal. All the duo wanted for their big day was a small backyard ceremony, something intimate where they were surrounded by the people they love. “However, that was so not what happened,” laughs Benedict. “This is India, and once your parents get involved it doesn’t take much for a wedding to go from 100 to 1000,” adds Chanchal.

Wedding Planning Tips by Chanchal  & Benedict
Wedding Planning Tips by Chanchal & Benedict

But scale aside, this much-in-love couple wanted to celebrate was their love, and they ended up having a great time.

Here’s some good advice from them to couples who have their wedding planning in process

Time is your greatest weapon!

“Everything went very smoothly for us and we were quite ‘chill’ during the wedding planning journey. But that’s only because we practically had a year to put this together,” says the groom. “Start the wedding planning process as early as you possibly can so you don’t have to deal with any last minute stress.” The couple could enjoy their wedding to the fullest because they had enough time to plan everything well in advance.

Perfection is overrated…

Chanchal’s greatest learning from her wedding was the over-emphasis given to achieving ‘perfection’! “Everything DOES NOT have to be perfect, and if that’s what you’re aiming for it will ruin half the fun for you.” Putting a wedding together requires so many people and events to be in sync that something, at some point, is bound to fall apart. Letting go is a very valuable mindset to develop at a time like this. “Things will get messed up. Just move on.”

Make it smart & stress free

“The gift registry was a suggestion by my older sister, who had a friend who’d used this service. We had guests coming from all over the world. This seemed like a good idea for out-station guests,” says the groom. They had family and friends flying down from Abu Dhabi and USA among other countries. The guests could fly in without worrying about what the couple would like, and without having to carry a big gift box in their luggage. “The registry ended up being useful for our guests as well as us. We got the gifts we wanted and they didn’t have to worry about carrying the wedding gifts to India. So the concept was well accepted by our friends and family,” says Benedict

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