Wedding Registry Gifts That Are Perfect For Celebrity Couples

When we hear the wedding bells ring for celebrity couples there is a sort of frenzy that the country, rather world, goes into. Constantly checking for updates on Instagram and other media sources to confirm the wedding rumours, and many other details. However, one thing that remains constant no matter the celebrity couple, is their incredibly thought out and interesting wedding gift registry. Regardless of anything, gifting the newlywed is a tradition that will never die down. Especially now that most couples opt for a wedding gift registry, gifting has gotten so much easier and smooth. Now, you may wonder – what to gift a celebrity couple who already has everything! Well, believe it or not, but most celebrity couples are just like us, they are starting a new chapter in their lives together, and want to setup a home. Which means that while there might be a thing or two that are incredibly unique from their registry, most of the items are actually quite known and useful. 

We have taken the liberty to seek and sort out the best wedding registry gifts that a celebrity couple might enjoy. These vary across prices, but are essential and also fit the essence of most newlywed couples. 

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Who doesn’t love the aromatic smell of coffee when they wake up? Adding a coffee machine, that is as exquisite as Nespresso’s to the registry befits most celebrity newlyweds. There are a variety of options available when choosing a Nespresso machine

Air Fryer

These two words of an appliance has changed the way things happen in a kitchen! An air fryer is the fastest, simplest and also a bit healthier method of cooking some food items. It is a must-have in the kitchen these past few years, and if everyone around the world is raving about it then you know it should be a part of the wedding gift registry, even for the celebrity couples.

Cutlery Sets

Every new household needs a new cutlery set. Every couple have different tastes, but cutlery sets are essential and going with a 24-piece rose-gold vintage set is never wrong. A cutlery set like these oozes out elegance and is stunning. Trust us, celebrity couple or not, everyone will love this.

Luggage Set

Celebrity couples are often known for their jet-set life, and what better than a luggage set to keep them sorted. A good luggage is a good investment, and adding this to the wedding gift registry means that they surely have one good luggage set that they can rely on whenever they want. Isn’t this is great wedding gift?!


We know that it’s 2022, but the Y2K vibes will forever live on. And did you also notice, how everything that was “outdated” is actually coming back to life? Keeping this mind, we suggest adding this camcorder into the wedding gift registry, for celebrity couples and everyone else too! Home movies had a totally different feel back in the 2000’s but you can have them now as well! Nothing gets better than making memories of the married life with a perfectly cute camcorder. 

Board Games

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is to be always be prepared. Keeping that in mind, and also the fact that board games are extremely fun; adding this to the wedding gift registry is apt! Apart from everything digital, it is best to go a little old school and spend some quality and competitive one-on-one time with your partner playing board games. They’re fun, they pass the time and especially, if we find ourselves in another lockdown situation (fingers crossed), you won’t get bored!

Stemless Glass

Newlywed couples are always entertaining guests in their homes, which means a lot of celebrations and parties are thrown. Add to their gorgeous collection of glassware with an amazing set of stemless glasses. They are elegant and chic, which means that they do not look out of place and never go out of style. Trust us, this is another wedding gift item that can never go wrong.


Add in a splash of colour into the newlywed’s lives and their homes with gorgeous and colourful rugs. Celebrity couples are always doing up their homes, to make them personalized, unique, eclectic even. They are always looking for interesting pieces to add value to their home and their aesthetics, and fun and colourful rugs do that job.

Décor Vases

Another piece of aesthetic that oomps up a home are vases. They are intricate and artistic in nature. Celebrity couples love adding pieces of art in their homes, it is something that they and most people enjoy thoroughly. So, adding this gift into the wedding registry will definitely amplify the ambience in their new home.


Not sure if you have noticed or not, but lately plants are adding quite a lot of value in the homes of celebrity couples. Greenery and lusciousness are something they seek out, especially in their homes. So, why not gift them the perfect wedding registry gift.

Get Aways

Work life topples a lot of quality time couples can spend with each other, especially after they get married. A mini staycation or a getaway is perfect gift. Travel cards, gift cards or even the mini stays are amazing additions to the wedding gift registry, and is something surely the couples can make great use of.

Beauty & Spa

These are perfect escapades for couples, to disconnect from the outside world and treat themselves to relaxation. These beauty and spa treatments are valid for a few months so there is no immediate need to get them done, which gives the couple ample time to make use of them.

Wedding registry gifts absolutely make the lives of guests and the couple hassle-free. Celebrity couples or not, these wedding gifts are perfect for the new chapter that newlyweds are about to begin. If you have any additional ideas, of what would make incredible wedding gifts for the registry. Let us know!

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