Best Wedding Return Gift That You Can Get Under Rs.500

Once all the shopping for the bride and groom is done, it’s time to pick the wedding return gift for your guests. Especially for all our bridesmaids, groomsmen, and lovely family, for they tirelessly put in all their hours to make sure the big day went perfectly. They are also the ones who put in so much thought and effort when it comes to wedding gifts.

Wedding return gift
Wedding return gift

So here’s a list of 20 wedding return gift that you could pick for lesser than INR 500

#1. Totes

Now, to mix it up a little and go on the funkier side of wedding return gifts, you could always pick up Totes. Especially with the plastic ban on the full side, people are looking for totes all the time, for grocery shopping and running various errands. So if not anything, you would be doing a big favor to your guests by gifting them Totes and making it for a very thoughtful wedding return gift. Also, you could always pick up Totes with fun quotes or even messaging from your own wedding, marking the occasion.

#2. Glass set

It’s always a delight adding new glasses to the crockery collection. Especially if you know that your guests love collecting specific ones, then there’s nothing like picking up a nice new set of glasses. From wine glasses to even simple Chai ones, you could monogram the wedding hashtag on them and give it over as the perfect wedding return gift.

#3. Bags

Raw silk bags to embroidery purses and more, the ladies always love the wedding return gift that would come handy to them for all the next set of events they are going to be attending. And the best part, these are available for just INR 80-100. They are easy to order in bulk and they’re also super light to carry around.

#4. Idols

Ganesha Idols are always the best sort of spiritual wedding return gifts to pick up. You could probably even pick up some incense sticks to go along with them. Not just that, you could pick up any Idol for that matter, depending on the religion your guests follow.

#5. Bangle boxes/holders

Embroidered bangle boxes/holders are the latest addition to the long list of wedding return gifts. Also very budget-friendly, these boxes are super good for the ladies to preserve their bangle collection and carry them around, safe and sound.

#6. Mosaic candle holders

Making the return gift a little more colorful, are the mosaic candle holders. These Turkish delights are compact and make it to lovely corner pieces. One could pick from mosaic tiles, Moroccan glass crackle holders, and a lot more shades.

#7. Mason Jars with lights

It is the decade of fairy lights and DIY holders. So if you’re picking up wedding return gifts especially for the friends, then Jars with battery lights are a beautiful thing to give. Even other glass bottles/pretty glassware with LED lights make it to a sweet return gift.

#8. Coasters

Wedding-themed coasters, pop art coasters, and any other ceramic ones – all of them would make it to budget-friendly and a great return gift to preserve.

#9. Metal tea light holders

Interior decorative pieces always figure on the top of the list, when it comes to return gifts. They are forever pretty and most guests love to put it up in their houses. Be it above shoe racks or in the bedrooms, there is always room for . metal tea light holders. The best part, these come in so many different designs and are not heavy on the pocket as well.

#10. Shot glasses

Who said shot glasses from the abroad only count? We could always pick shot glasses as an apt return gift and even personalize them by engraving wedding symbols/hashtags. So the next time your guests want to let their hair down and cool off with a round of vodka, you’re gesture is sure to put a smile on their face.

#11. Tea sets

Chai sets, especially the quirky ones in the market these days, is just thing you must pick up as a wedding return gift. From classic tea sets to Chinese teapots and Chai glasses on a wheel, there are plenty to choose from and all below INR 500.

#12. Photo Frames

If you’re thinking of a very personalized wedding return gift, then nothing like a photo frame. Not just any other frame, but a frame with a picture of the couple and the wedding guest. Imagine the guest’s surprise when they open the gift and find their lovely moment with you all captured and framed in there? Lovely isn’t it?!

#13. Buddha Statue

Sleeping Buddha statues to the many avatars of our favorite peace idol, Buddha statues galore in interior shops and we’d any day pick them over any other piece of art. We are mostly spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a Buddha statue and it’s quite literally the best way to thank all our dear guests for their presence.

#14. Chocolate Baskets

If you’re planning to ditch the traditional sweet box, then a basket of chocolates would be a great idea for your family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a bunch of chocolates? That too after the big fat Indian wedding, there’s nothing a chocolate box can’t fix!

#15. Fridge Magnets

Caricature fridge magnets, zodiac magnet sets, and a lot more colorful designs are always available as souvenirs from the wedding. Plus, you can customize the fridge magnets too if needed and a leave mark of your wedding on the return gifts!

#16. Coffee Mugs

We all know those friends who would not say a word in the morning, before a cup of coffee. And for all our caffeine addicts, a coffee mug is just about the thing you should get as the return gift for your big day.

#17. Bells

Big fat copper or bronze bells to hang up in the house as return gifts for the big fat Indian wedding! We’d say, it is a perfect combination. Be it traditional bells or Tibetan bells, they are always available in most artistic places around and even online, for nothing more than INR 500.

#18. Saplings

For those considering an environment-friendly wedding return gift, nothing like a bag of saplings and seeds for the guests. This way our guests would keep be responsible for our planet and forever nurture the gift of love and care.

#19. Birdcages

Over the past few years, birdcages suddenly became the most aesthetic interior piece around and there are several ways to decorate these. Birdcages come from the minute of sizes to really big hangings. So an ideal thing to do would be to pick a budget-friendly birdcage with either candle holders or plenty of fairy lights, making it to not only a great wedding return gift but also a lovely corner piece.

#20. Sippers/Steel Water Bottles

Might seem quite random for starters, but trust us when we say, monogrammed Sippers and even Steel Water Bottles are not only good wedding return gifts but are also very useful gestures. Most of us are constantly running around, trying to keep up with the hustle & bustle. So, a sipper/bottle that as a gift, is the best way to stay hydrated and reminisce the memories of the big day as well!

So, the next time you get even the slightest of feeling that picking wedding return gifts is a boring job, then you definitely have to hold that thought. Because this list right here makes things easy and as fun as it can get!

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