Top 12 Trending and Inexpensive Wedding Return Gift Ideas

Weddings bring so much joy and happiness but there is a lot of background work that goes into making it the perfect night. One of the many things that are a part of a wedding apart from the bride and groom (duh!) are the wedding return gifts. Now, we know that weddings can be expensive but that does not mean that everything you do or get you to have to splurge incessantly. You can buy things that look expensive and beautiful but isn’t really that costly; one such thing can be a wedding return gift! Yes, you heard it right! Wedding return gifts are usually expensive but we have found gifts that you will love and that are perfect for your wedding and their bonus is that it is not expensive.

You are definitely going to love these options, so scroll and find which wedding return gift suits you the most!

Wedding Return Gift Ideas
Wedding Return Gift Ideas

#1 Tea Light Holder 

Candles or diya’s are seen in most houses, so you that this item will be used for sure. So, make this the wedding return gift! It is inexpensive and very useful, your guests will be happy and will make immense use of this wedding return gift. We have a variety of designs and options to choose from, just click here to find the ones that you love the most! 

#2 Potlis 

Now, every girl or woman knows a good potli is always a great accessory, be it for an outfit or to keep something in it for the house. This would make an amazing wedding return gift because potlis are very reasonable and practical. A potli may seem like an unusual wedding return gift but do not hesitate, the many designs and their price makes it a good choice. Check them out here and find the one that suits your budget! 

#3 Plants 

Plants are a sign and symbol of light and growth, making that as your wedding return gift is extremely nice. Also, keeping in mind that you are also encouraging people to go green and think of the environment. Now, we know you may think that houseplants are maybe expensive, but the choices we have aren’t and you will be extremely thrilled to look at them, click here

#4 Palm Leaf Box

There is no rule that a wedding return gift has to be big or small, it’s the gift that really counts! So go ahead and give these cute little palm leaf boxes! They are so cute, beautiful and really not expensive. Add some dry fruits or chocolates in them to make it sweet and amp it up a bit. This wedding return gift may be small but it works incredibly as a return gift and your guests will really appreciate it. Plus, these small boxes can serve the purpose of what your guests want them to be later.

#5 Shagun Envelopes

Shagun envelopes also are great wedding return gifts! It is usually the most sought after gift at Indian weddings. But for this, you need beautiful and definitely aesthetically pleasing envelopes which we have covered for you. Here are all the options we have that will add a little more sparkle to your already special day.

#6 Diya/Haldi-Kumkum Plate Round

These colourful round plates with intricate yet stunning designs will make the best wedding return gifts. We guarantee that these look spectacular and that once your guests see these they will definitely call you and talk about how great they look! The best part about this is that they are inexpensive… so what are you waiting for, check it out here

#7 Palm Leaf Coin Purse

A coin purse is a quirky yet cute wedding return gift, it is definitely something special. They are always in style and surely handy, and a gift that your guests will absolutely adore. This is the one we love and that is super reasonable, adding this as your wedding return gift will be the best decision ever. 

#8 Silk Pouch

We have a stunningly beautiful silk pouch in our list! This is a wedding return gift that you got to have at your wedding. It is reasonable and super practical, the women in your guest list will absolutely adore it! Have a look at it here and then add it to your cart before it gets sold out! An item like this is hard to resist. 

#9 Palm Leaf Trousseau Closed Basket

This is an eco-friendly yet elegant basket that can help store anything. It will look great at the homes of your guests. It is a practical wedding return gift that your guests will really appreciate because can we really have enough storage baskets? Check out the best choice here and then add it to your cart because it will suit your budget and taste.

#10 Elephant Gift Box

Here’s a gift box option if you have a wedding return gift in place. If you want cute packaging we have the perfect one for you. This gift box is reasonable in price and really beautiful with its design. It’s very rare to come across things that are inexpensive and of great quality. 

#11 Kalamkari Earring Case

This is an ancient and traditional jewellery box that will stun your guests. The price at which it is being sold makes you not want to think twice. This as a wedding return gift will surely make your guests remember your wedding for a long time. Find the gift here and tell us how much you love it! 

#12 Silk Photo Frame

A photo frame is a very common wedding return gift, it is simple and timeless. However, the most unique thing about this gift is that it has an element of silk! Check out this elegant gift here, and know that this gift may look expensive but it certainly is not! 

Weddings can be costly and you will want to cut down as much as possible, so we hope these wedding return gift ideas were best for you and your budget. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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