20 Sangeet Songs For Friends Of Brides – The Ladkiwale Edition

Indian weddings are also known as the ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ for reasons that are endless to count. Indian weddings are grand celebrations that are filled with many ceremonies, traditions, colours and songs! One of the biggest and most fun function is that of Sangeet. Sangeet is something that everyone looks forward to, it’s were the ladkiwale and ladkewale show off their tashan and love for fun. That’s why it’s important to have your won playlist of the best sangeet songs.

So, if you are on the ladkiwale or bride’s side of the family here’s a list of the top 20 sangeet songs that will get everyone on their toes, groove and cheer for you all!

#1. Nachde Ne Saare

Have you heard this upbeat song yet? Nachde Ne Saare, in fact, is a pre-wedding sangeet song that Katrina Kaif performed in one of her movies! Listening to this song and watching their dance moves will surely get you grooving to the music and into the swing of busting great moves. It is the perfect sangeet song for you to perform at a wedding!

#2. Gallan Goodiyaan

The synchronized and energetic dance moves in the Gallan Goodiyaan music video makes this song one of the best sangeet songs ever! Play this song at the sangeet function and be assured that you will be cheered by family and friends and even expect a couple of people to even join in the celebration.

#3. London Thumakda

No one can deny the fact that London Thumakda from the movie Queen is the best song ever! It is the ultimate sangeet song that will get everyone on the dance floor to groove and dance their heart out. The signature step of this song makes it perfect to perform at a sangeet. The energy that this song eludes will surely bring joy and show the ladkewale that bride’s side takes the fun aspect of sangeet seriously!

#4. Sweety Tera Drama

A sangeet song that is an absolute favourite – Sweety Tera Drama! This is not only a great song to dance to but also does commence the blast off to the big fat Indian wedding! This is a song that everyone loves and readily jumps in to enjoy. Picking this song will ensure a fun beginning to the sangeet function.

#5. Zaalima

Dancing to Zaalima on sangeet can bring up romantic emotions for the bride to be and her groom. This song may be different from the other upbeat and fast sangeet songs but is truly a must; especially by the friends from the bride’s side. The romantic lyrics and melodious tune make this song special and memorable for sure.

#6. The Humma Song

A classic song with a modern twist is definitely needed in a sangeet songs list! This function would not be complete with this ever so special and loved sangeet song! It is the ultimate sangeet song with a retro spin. Which means the dance moves would be a great sight to those watching and will bring about some fun moments too.

#7. Tamma Tamma Again

Yet another classic song with a fun twist, this party and wedding anthem makes it perfect as a sangeet song! This is the most fun and recommended music choice for every sangeet. Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan’s spectacular moves can be improvised making your dance something that no one will ever forget! After all, a dance performance from the bride’s side of the family should be one that will always be remembered.

#8. Cutie Pie

Dancing on this must sangeet song will get everyone in a fun, peppy and relatable mood! Once this song is played it is impossible for anyone to sit still, dancing to this song will surely get the bride’s friends praises. Sangeet songs are all about creating fun and amazing moments. After all, this is the special day of your friend!

P.S. if you want to get in the mood and learn a couple of steps check out the music video!

#9. Nashe Si Chadh Gayi

A great sangeet deserves the best sangeet song ever! Nashe Si Chadh Gayi may be a little too fun but hey what is a sangeet without a little mischevious fun! Grooving and moving to the tune of this music will get everyone in a fun and happy mood for sure! Isn’t that what a sangeet should feel like?

#10. Kala Chashma

Have you been to any sangeet lately where Kala Chashma isn’t danced on? This is a recent sangeet song that is an absolute must at every sangeet. Not only does this song set the mood for the entire evening but also gets people a taste of how amazing the rest of the evening will get!

#11. Gal Mitthi Mitthi

A peppy sangeet song surely is Gal Mitthi Mitthi. This Punjabi music gives the perfect onset to the craziness and fun of how a sangeet should be! Plus, if the cousins from the bride’s side perform this song, it will increase the excitement of the celebration and get everyone swaying.

#12. Ghoomar

Ghoomar may seem like a traditional song, one that may not be preferred at a sangeet but think twice as this is now one of the best sangeet songs there is in 2019! Imagine Deepika Padukone’s gracefulness in this song and add on your moves. This could be the perfect start to the sangeet evening. Starting off with a royal song is the right way to get everyone swoon and build excitement!

#13. Pallo latke

A sangeet song that requires props makes the function and celebration all the more upbeat and peppy! The bride’s side surely will enjoy and create the best moves getting everyone in the craze of the wedding festivities. This modern song has lately become a sangeet special, you don’t want to let go of the crowds favourite. Would you?

#14. Ghagra

Another sangeet song that is never left out is Ghagra. We are sure you can imagine and relive the dance moves of Madhuri Dixit. This dancing diva’s got the best moves that the ladkiwale can learn and implement to impress the sangeet crowd. Not only will this stun everyone but also get them dancing along with the song and cheering you!

#15. Desi Girl

It is the day of the bride, the ultimate Desi Girl; a sangeet cannot make do without this incredible and all-time favourite sangeet song! Be it the beginning or the end of the function, this song gets everyone on their toes to celebrate the Desi Girl, in this cases the bride. Choreograph a dance that is fun, breathtaking and an ode to the desi girl (the bride). This will surely make her beam with happiness!

#16. Bhangra Ta Sajda

Veere Di Wedding has got the best sangeet songs! Bhangra Ta Sajda is the best Punjabi upbeat modern song that the bride’s friends can perform. It is almost impossible to not include this song in the sangeet playlist! Veere’s have always got the bride covered, especially with this song at her sangeet.

#17. Dilli Wali Girlfriend

There is no better sangeet song than this. A fun-filled song that will get everyone to bust a move on the dance floor. The tashan and fun that this song reflects just amps up the mood and celebratory feel at the sangeet. Include this song in the sangeet playlist, a dance performance from the ladkiwale’s on this song would double the fun! And if you are worried about the dance moves, do not worry Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have you covered.

#18. Proper Patola

A remix as a sangeet song is a must in this day and age, it is 2019! Upbeat and remixed music is the ‘in’ thing and loved by so many at the sangeet. This song will add the funk and excitement for the festivities and show the ladkewale that the bride’s side is full of fun.

#19. High Heels Te Nachche

This sangeet song is the most loved and fun song ever! It is full of beats and will pull in the crowd to gather on the dance floor and bust all the great moves. Playing this song will get hoots and cheers, so know for sure that dancing on this song will surely amp up the excitement of the sangeet.Y

#20. Kajra Re

What is a sangeet without an all-time special sangeet song? Kajra Re is an old but a golden sangeet song! A song that is most loved by everyone, and very apt for the bride’s tribe to perform on (for the bride of course). The signature step of this song is what gets the excitement through the roof.

Sangeet is a power-packed function with the all-time favourite and popular Bollywood songs. It is a night of dance and absolute fun to celebrate the marriage of two incredible individuals. Hope the list of the top 20 sangeet songs makes the sangeet evening even more special! Let us know in the comments below which sangeet song is a must!

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