10 Tutorials to Choreograph Your Wedding Sangeet by Yourself

A wedding sangeet is a huge and important function among many in an Indian wedding. This is a function that’s a lot of fun and everyone enjoys a lot. So it’s a given that the dance performances have to be beyond great; they have to spectacular! Usually, people tend to hire choreographers to help them create and build the dance style and moves. But now, with the help of the internet, it is so much simpler to just head online and find dance tutorials. Youtube is the best place where you can find some of the best dance tutorials to help yourself. Everyone knows how expensive a wedding can be regardless of the number of guests you invite. So, learning and choreographing the dance at your Sangeet, maybe with a few close friends, could be a great way to cut down on unwanted costs!

Wedding Sangeet
Wedding Sangeet

Here are 10 best wedding sangeet tutorials for you to learn dance so you do not have to spend money on hiring a choreographer! 

#1 Ghoomar 

This song was performed by the ever-dazzling Deepika Padukone, so it is safe to say that everyone who dances on this song has an image in their minds of how they want this performance to go. Worry not because Team Naach has got you covered. Their love for dance made them create a dance tutorial. This dance tutorial will help you with the moves at the wedding sangeet. The steps are simple, clean, and very elegant; and can be learned easily!

Credits: Team Naach

#2 Nachde Ne Saare 

This song is a definite yes for wedding sangeets. It is fun, exciting, and full of life! So, if you want a song to perform and aren’t sure of which one this is should be considered. And if you are wondering where or which dance choreographer has grooviest moves then we have found that one for you too! Desi Twist definitely has great twists and turns for this number one sangeet song! They are easy yet mesmerizing.

Credits: Desi Twist

#3 Gallan Goodiyaan

Yet another lovely wedding sangeet song is Gallan Goodiyaan, the energy levels that we see in the movie can easily be compared to the dance moves by Touch Dance Studio. Their dance steps are unique and the enthusiasm with which they dance can really have an impact on you for sure! Wondering if this is true, well check their tutorial!

Credits: Touch Dance Studio

#4 London Thumakda 

We all know that once the London Thumakda song is played it gets everyone on the dance floor to scream with joy and extremely high energy! It is the ultimate wedding sangeet song and can be performed incredibly. It is only fitting to watch this Bollywood song tutorial performed by Bollywood Dance. The moves that are seen in this video will ensure you and your entourage are cheered loudly!

Credits: Bollywood Dance

#5 Kala Chashma 

You will want to watch the Kala Chashma wedding sangeet tutorial baar baar because it is just incredible! Nidhi Kumar has created such incredible and easy moves that once you watch, you will be taken away and want to dance along too! You will not only fall in love with these steps but also make the guests watching this performance scream encore.

Credits: Nidhi Kumar

#6 Desi Girl 

This is the truth, however cliched it may seem this song is a must at any wedding sangeet. The crowd always goes wild and happy whenever this song is heard, so if you are going to be performing on this you need dance moves that will make them fall in love with you. Richard’s Academy of Dance & Arts created a basic yet fun-loving dance tutorial, want to know more? Then watch their tutorial!

Credits: Richard’s Academy of Dance and Arts

#7 Cutiepie

A peppy song such as cutiepie should be danced on at a wedding sangeet. Learning the steps to this song will get you in a happy mood for sure. So, which tutorial is the best for this song? Ritu’s Dance Studio made a tutorial on this song and is the most viewed too. The steps are sweet, simple, and spectacular. If you love the idea of what these 3 S’s suggest then you must watch it now! 

Credits: Ritu’s Dance Studio

#8 Proper Patola 

If you want to perform at a wedding sangeet on a recent yet upbeat Bollywood song, then Proper Patola should be on your list. The funky beats and steps makes it a fun, exciting, and unexpected song to perform on. Now, if you are keen on thinking and dancing a little outside the box then Vicky Patel Dance tutorial will be the right fit for you! It is different, unique, and groovy. Loving the sound of this, then you will absolutely love their tutorial.

Credits: Vicky Patel Dance

#9 Tamma Tamma Again

A retro song that has made a recent comeback is definitely on the wedding sangeet list! It is a party anthem that will get the sangeet exciting and full of fun. The beats and energy of this song will make it a perfect sangeet performance. Kunal More’s tutorial on this song will be perfect to learn and perform. The choreography can be easily learned and when performed with great enthusiasm it will bring the roof down!

Credits: Kunal More

#10 Badrinath Ki Dulhania

This song may be seldom danced to at a wedding sangeet but if you do choose this then it will be one incredible performance. The tune and beats of this song are fast and energetic making this song a crowd pleaser and definitely getting them to groove along with it. So, if you do choose this song to perform then Marisha Rehman’s tutorial on this song is the one you should be learning. It is super simple and easy learning, once you watch the video you will grasp the steps on the spot.

Credits: Marisha Rahman

The one thing common among all the above dance tutorials is that they are all simple and fun. These tutorials are lifesavers in a time where if you want to save money you really can! Let us know in the comments below if you loved these choreographies, and if there are any more incredible ones out there.

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