In conversation with Tina and Sonny – A 2020 Wedding Story

Tina and Sonny’s wedding story is a typical US boy meets Indian girl story. Except, they knew each other from the day they were born. Confused? Well, grab that bucket of popcorn for the world’s cutest wedding story. The team at Wedding Wishlist got to talking with this gift registry couple Tina and Sonny about their wedding story.

So, here’s the unique and cute wedding story that we had the privilege to know!

Tina & Sonny's Wedding Story
Tina & Sonny’s Wedding Story

When did Tina and Sonny meet? 

“We knew each other from the day we were born,” she said almost unbelievably. Tina and Sonny were chuddy buddies from the beginning. They would eat, play and study together. “We even have childhood pictures together. I used to call him bhaiya” she said laughing. From bhaiya to husband, this surely was a big leap.

Tina & Sonny in their chilhood days
Tina & Sonny in their chilhood days

As years passed Sonny started moving around because of his dad’s transfers and slowly they started losing touch. He eventually moved to the US and both of them had pretty much forgotten about each other by then. But when he came down again after quitting his work and ended up meeting Tina. “He says he knew then that I was the one” When we asked her what she thought at that very moment “ Well, I did find him very attractive” is all she admitted. 

When did Tina and Sonny decide to take things to the next level?

With Tina, there was no ‘we’ll date and see how it goes”. It was all or nothing. “Sonny confessed his love for me in an ice cream parlour when we were out with the family. Nobody knew but I knew my life was about to change forever,” said Tina. Sonny understood Tina very well and knew that she wouldn’t take a step without knowing that he was in this for marriage. The very next week, a dinner was arranged by Sonny. “There was a role reversal. Sonny took charge of cooking and serving the food” He explained how he wanted to get married to Tina and start a life with her. “Surprisingly, my dad seemed extremely chill about the whole thing and we decided to go ahead if there was God’s will in it”. 

How did the wedding planning go? 

Tina didn’t have the best wedding planning experience and here’s what she had to say. “Since Sonny was in the US after our engagement, all the preps were taken care of by me. I wanted to have it all and make each thing special – From the lights, decor, invitations to gifts, I planned it all. But on the day of the wedding, nothing went as per plan. My makeup person took longer to finish the makeup because of which we didn’t do the photoshoot, I ended up late at the altar and we couldn’t execute the decor lights as planned because of the pollution control limits.” With so much going wrong with the wedding her only option to be in the moment and rejoice in the fact that her man was by her side her family, with her to share the beautiful moment. 

Why did Tina and Sonny create a gift registry?

Tina & Sonny's Gift Registry
Tina & Sonny’s Gift Registry

The couple was moving into a new house and they knew for a fact that getting bombarded with 10 pressure cookers and casseroles were not their idea of wedding gifts. “It was really exciting to see our house filled with the stuff gifted by my guests.” They had also added a couple of gift cards to their wedding registry so they could take time to decide the stuff they needed. 

How did your guests react to the wedding registry?

“To be honest, our guests loved it. They didn’t even know that such a concept existed. But they were super excited about the concept and wholeheartedly supported it. 

So this is the wedding story of Tina and Sonny who went from childhood friends to husband and wife. Want to read more such stories, sign up on wedding wishlist and we will keep you posted with the latest updates. 

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