His Sister’s Wedding Inspired This Groom’s Wedding Trend!

“When it came to wedding gifts, a gift registry was a no brainer,” said Supriya. When Hari’s sister tied the knot last year she received the most amazing wedding gifts by following this wedding trend. 

Hari & Supriya's Wedding Trend
Hari & Supriya’s Wedding Trend

Hari & Supriya got married in August and decided to move into a new house. “When Hari and I met, it was just comfortable,” said Supriya. The couple was introduced to each other in an arranged marriage set up. Having known each other from Bharat Matrimony, their conversations evolved from phone to meeting to hanging out with each other and before they knew it, they were talking marriage. “Our families were obviously game and we decided to get married 8 months later,” said Supriya.

The Wedding Planning & Wedding Trend

When asked about her wedding planning, Supriya said, “Social media took care of helping me find the latest wedding trend in photography. I also found my wedding photographer on Instagram.  Wedmegood took care of my makeup artists. My parents planned the venue and food. When it came to our wedding gifts, the gift registry was a no brainer.”

Hari and Supriya set up their new home post the wedding and all the house items were received from the wedding registry. They didn’t have to spend much on redoing the house since all the gifts they received at the wedding were things they wanted and most importantly needed for the new house. Thanks to the sister who set the wedding trend right in the family!

Hari & Supriya
Hari & Supriya

Some wedding planning advice from the couple

Say yes only if you feel like it’s the right thing to do

As a couple who got hitched in the arranged marriage setup, men and women are constantly in need of a reminder not to settle. It’s easy to meet a couple of alliances, match salaries, number of houses, basic character traits and fix a wedding. But what’s important to the couple is to know if they are comfortable, really like each other and are willing to explore a relationship together.

If your partner is right, with small adjustments everything will fall into place

Marriage is not a cakewalk. Supriya points out that it might not fit perfectly initially. Differences of culture between families and partners always exist. But what’s important is to trust your instincts and make certain adjustments here and there to keep the beautiful relationship in place. 

Create a gift registry

“We created a gift registry to make sure we didn’t have to deal with the wedding gifts we would never use. Wedding gifts need not be a formality. They need not be bouquets or vases that couples would never use. They can be meaningful, useful and appreciated.

Hari & Supriya
Hari & Supriya

If you’re a couple who is getting married, what wedding trend have you followed that will inspire the millennial generation? 

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