10 Reasons Why You Must Create a Wedding Video Invitation!

Wedding! The word itself brings us hundreds of ideas. We all have fantasized our wedding in one way or the other. We want our wedding to be nothing less than perfect and we put in so much effort for the same. From the venue to food, dance to music, outfit to jewellery, we have everything sorted. But when we plan for a perfect wedding, the journey should begin with an amazing invitation. Here, wedding video invitations come to your rescue. Nothing can be a better start than the wedding video invitation.

Wedding Video Invitation
Wedding Video Invitation

So read on to find out why creating a wedding video invitation is the best choice for your dream wedding.

#1. It is Eco-friendly

As humans, it is our duty to do a bit for the environment. A wedding video invitation can be our small contribution towards the environment as it is done online and no paper is wasted which saves trees. Saving the environment in a trendy style can never go wrong.

#2. It is user-friendly

We have all become tech-savvy and that’s why wedding video invitations are one of the most user-friendly wedding invitations. It is easy to make and share and it becomes easier and more effective when given a professional touch. A customized wedding video invitation is everything that we ever dream of.

#3. Saves everyone’s time

In this constant running age, who has time to go and personally handover paperback invite?! With changing times, we need to upgrade ourselves and wedding video invite plays this role. As it can be shared online, it saves time for the host and the guest and gives a personal touch as well.

#4. Mini Trailer

Each couple has their own dreamy fairy tale which should be shared with their loved ones. A wedding video invitation helps in sharing the start of “happily-ever-after” story of the beautiful couple with their near and dear ones. Also, here the couple can customize the invite according to their hobbies, passion or fantasy.

#5. A stylish invite for a stylish wedding

Who doesn’t like to look trendy and stand out of the crowd! Wedding video invitations are trending now and this is enough to convince most of us. We follow the fashion in everything, and no couple would like to go out of fashion for the most important event of their lives.

#6. Can be a wedding reminder

What we see is what we remember for a long time. Your loved ones will easily remember your big day and will remember your unique invite for a long time. You need not necessarily use a video invite to just invite your guests. You can also use it as a wedding reminder and share it with your guests 2-3 weeks before your wedding day.

#7. It is budget-friendly

Smart wedding is when we go fashionable without being extra torturous to our pockets. Wedding video invitation is pocket-friendly and cheaper than the paper invitation. Yes, you heard it right! It is cheaper and trendy both at the same time and you cannot just let go of this opportunity to save some money

#8. Can help plan your schedule

In our busy lives, we need to pre-plan our day-to-day events. Wedding video invitation perfectly plays its role of schedule planner. When the couple circulates its wedding video invite, their loved ones can RSVP for the big day accordingly so that they can attend the wedding and shower their best wishes and blessings on the newlyweds.

#9. Invitation with lifelong validity

Just as your marriage will last a lifetime, wedding video invitations will also last for life. Paper invitation tends to get misplaced after some time, but video invite can be easily preserved in storage and the couple can flaunt this awesomeness in front of their children and grandchildren as well!

#10. Social media sensational

There is a hidden social media influencer in all of us and a wedding is the best opportunity to flaunt your hidden influencer. Wedding video invitation can prove to be a perfect start for creating a buzz on social media for the most important event of your life.

So here are a few reasons to create wedding video invitation. If you find any other reason to pursue the same, then please mention it in the comments below!

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