Wedding Video Invitation Designs That Are Made Just for You!

It’s 2021! Time to amp up the wedding invitation game. We know that there are multiple incredible wedding invitation ideas, and usually, we go with either a pretty card or a fancy card with some gifts along with it. How about doing something different, something that is seamless and fun; like a video invite? A wedding video invitation is unique, so much fun, convenient, and easily shareable. FUN FACT: video invitations get guests really excited and also make your wedding invitation a memorable one. If you want to go ahead with stunning video invites, then you can view our incredible collection here.

wedding video invitation
wedding video invitation

However, if you’re looking for a wedding video invitation that will take your breath away then have a look at our collections

#1. Love Story 

It’s a love story, just say; yes! This wedding invite is magical, elegant, and intricate. It is a design that is aesthetically pleasing and also very rustic. If that is the theme for your wedding then you have to choose this. The best part about this wedding invite is that you can customize it further to meet your requirements, making it very unique. 

#2. Shimmering Love

Lights, glitter, and lots of love, that’s what this wedding invite design symbolizes. If your wedding is a mix of glitter and modern elements, this is the wedding invitation for you. This invite was specifically designed to cater to a millennial couple. And one thing we know for sure is that if you’re going to celebrate and party, then it’s not going to be less of anything! 

#3. Bohemian Flute – Cream 

Add a boho flair to your wedding invite through this wedding video invitation design. The silhouette figure of a couple and neutral tones make this invitation stand out from what you have ever seen. In this wedding invite, you can add in your photographs, text, music, and animations wherever required. Plus, this invite is at such an affordable rate, and you get to share it with everyone!  

#4. Life’s A Beach

But you have got to make the most of it! A beach-themed wedding is a chill, relaxing and bubbly. Let your wedding video invitation reflect that. This invitation design includes many beach elements and a starry night. We’re sure that if you choose this invitation, it will light up your eyes and whisk you away to the beach atmosphere, instantly.

#5. Canvas of Love 

Add a monogram to your wedding video invite, and label it your canvas of love. This invitation design is affordable, easily customizable, and shareable with guests. Plus point: you can even upload this on Instagram and share it with your insta fam.

#6. Vintage Garden 

This is a gorgeous floral video invite that will fit perfectly in traditional and classical-themed weddings. While in this invite you have designs of nature and soothing colors, you can personalize it to fit your wedding color scheme. And if you are worried about how much messaging can be included and photographs, don’t worry! The video template has a duration of 6 minutes, total. You can edit it to make it shorter, and if you want to extend the timeframe you can reach out to us and we will love to help you. 

#7. Love Actually – Pink

Pastel pink is definitely a wedding color that will go down in the book, it is the all-time favorite color for couples. The love actually wedding video invite template embodies the emotion of love. With splashes of gold glitter across the template, it gives a very strong glamour effect to the video and definitely elevates the expectation of your video to your guests. Be assured that if you choose this as your wedding video invite, your guests will be dazzled. 

#8. Midnight Dreams 

Turning your dream wedding into reality is truly an incredible feeling. The feeling you experience, that all your wishes are coming true. You are getting married to ‘the one’, getting ‘the’ wedding outfit that you have been mesmerized with ever since you saw it; feels very surreal but to make this a full circle wedding where there are no compromises in your vision, you should choose the midnight dreams template for your wedding invite. It perfectly describes the feeling of love and the emotion you want your wedding to express. 

#9. Dreamcatcher 

Your eyes are going to be glad you came across this beautiful video invite design. The animation, the intricate elements, and the theme overall make this wedding video invite the perfect catch. This enchanting video invite design is what dreams are made of. Go ahead and choose this one for your wedding, you will only receive grand praises; we know it. 

#10. Dance of Light

This video invite design is light, pleasing, and extremely seamless. It’s all about love, capturing moments and memories, and celebrating the togetherness of the couple. The font and video shots used are not set in stone, so if you want to make a change and add cute video clips of you and your partner, it is possible! The power of love comes strongly through this video, we are sure that it will take the breath away of everyone who gets it. 

A wedding is a celebration of your love and union, getting a wedding video invitation is part of the process that leads up to the magical day. Get you what you envision for your wedding, and sweep the feet of your guests while doing so 😉

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