5 amazing ideas to get your wedding video invitation right

In India, weddings are a huge deal. It’s almost a given that people splurge on weddings. But today, couples are opting for more practical solutions when it comes to their weddings, Many millennial couples keep a track of their wedding budget and ensure that they don’t splurge a lot on things that can be avoided. They instead invest the said money in experiences that they’ll remember forever. Also, many couples are opting for waste-free weddings. One of the ways they achieve this is by creating a wedding video invitation and forgoing the traditional paper invites.

Wedding Video Invitation
Wedding Video Invitation

Also, the video invitations are easy to share and you don’t have to visit or mail anyone. They can be sent to everyone with only a click. So it saves a lot of time, energy and money. Finding people who can make wedding video invitations is not that hard. If you’re a fan of D-I-Y Projects, you can even make one yourself!

Here are our 5 best ideas to create a perfect wedding video invitation :

#1. Fonts

Fonts play a major role when it comes to wedding video invitations. That’s why you have to select the perfect font. While selecting a font you must ensure that the font goes well with the background of the video. Also, ensure that the font is not too complicated and fancy and is legible to everyone. On the other hand, it must not be too simple ( Times New Roman, we’re talking about you). Some of our couples’ favourite fonts are Aphrodite Pro, Alana and Aire. They are all elegant and easy to read. It’s equally important to ensure that the font’s colour is in contrast with the video. Remember, it’s more important to convey all the information with the video. Make sure that the font is legible and the size is not too small or too big.

#2. Pictures

Wedding video invitations are a visual treat. So make sure that the pictures you add to these videos go along with the overall theme. Do not overpower the text with the pictures. If you want the pictures to have equal visibility as the fonts then you can alternate between showing the pictures and fonts separately in the video. There is no hard and fast rule for selecting the best pictures. You can use your own photos or even the stock images you find online. As long as the wedding video invitation turns out to be what you want, you don’t have to worry. Just ensure that the pictures are of good quality and do not pixelate.

#3. Music

Another important aspect of creating an awesome wedding video invitation is music. Most of the time, as soon as you open a video invitation, the music immediately sets the tone for the rest. Most video invitations with a subtle instrumental score resonate better with the audience. The background music must not be too loud and take off the attention from the text. Instead, it should enhance it. Another important factor is to stick with the theme. Selecting songs as background music for a video invitation is not recommended. It will only confuse the guests with the information. There are no restrictions to adding music in these videos. You can also add the instrumental of any song that you liked in a movie.

#4. Information

Many couples only use wedding video invitation while inviting guests. They don’t use both physical and video invitations. So, ensure that all the details needed about the wedding are present in the video. Time, date and venue details for all the ceremonies must be present in the video. If you’re using paper invitations also, double check whether the information in both is the same. When giving the address for the venue give the complete postal address. Also, make sure that the text lasts long enough for people to read comfortably and doesn’t fade too quickly. Make sure that you mention the dress code in the wedding video if you have any preference. Also, you can give your wedding website and/or wedding gift registry link in the video. Don’t make the video too long. Only mention the essential information and you can incorporate the rest in your wedding website.

#5. Photo/Video Shoot

Some couples prefer having separate photo shoots and/or video shoots exclusively for their wedding video invitation. For example, some people repurpose their pre-wedding shoot pictures if they’ve done it a bit early. Some couples even do a video of them walking together over a small bridge on a lake with an amazing background etc. It’s completely up to you. You can even treat this as a montage with all the moments you’ve spent together earlier. (This works out really well if you’re a couple who’ve dated for a long time). When you do an exclusive shoot for your invitation video it actually adds a personal touch to it. It may be time-consuming but trust me it would totally be worth it. Many people prefer having these shoots outside where you get a naturally picturesque background like a park, a beach or even a garden.

Hope these ideas help you create a perfect wedding video invite! To put it in short, focus on the information that is essential to your guests. Every other element that you add in your wedding video invitation it must only enforce the information and not overpower or distract people from it. Video invitations are the current wedding trends and we hope they’re here to stay as they truly allow for a waste-free wedding.

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