Everything you need to know about Wedding Video Invitations!

Okay, let’s be real. No one really sends wedding cards over to peoples’ homes anymore. Why would you NOT want to flaunt your love affair just a wee bit extra instead, compile every mushy pose in the romcom dictionary you’ve ever shot together and cut your wedding cake in a recorded video before actually cutting your wedding cake, right? I think the wedding video invitations trend caught on after a bride first thought: Hey, I’ve always wanted to be in a blockbuster Bollywood video, now I can direct it AND play the lead too! But whosoever cobbled together this fad, we love it and we love you.

So, here are a few tips on how to nail your wedding video invitations!

Wedding Video Invitations
Wedding Video Invitations

Prep for the wedding, Prep for the Invite. Then Invite for the wedding.

The teaser is what drives an audience to the theatre, isn’t it? Ever since wedding video invitations became a thing, people often spend days, sometimes even weeks to prepare for this grand “pre-celebration” of sorts. It’s literally like living your wedding day, except only the good parts and on camera. More re-takes? Yes, please. The idea of getting a chance to showcase the biggest day of their life to the world, especially in today’s day and age is one that has and will continue to grow on people. This being said, a wedding video invite is no piece of cake. Even before getting to the theme of the video, there are way too many checkboxes in need of filling. The number of people in the video, the timeline, the outfits, the information, the budget of the video, added clippings, I could witter on but I think I’ve made my point.

Give your Invitation an Avatar

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING about a wedding requires immense planning. Deciding to shoot a wedding invitation video and gathering your folks the very next day- not the greatest idea. There exist numerous themes for wedding rituals and even more for wedding video invitations. You could be all about the drama wanting to show off some thumkas in which case might I suggest a typical SRK style Hindi film teaser. Ghagras, Slow-mos, Smiles broader than broadway- all that jazz. On the contrary, you could literally be wallflowers and animated wedding invitation videos would be just the right fit for you. Decide on a theme and you’re literally halfway there. Piece of advice: It is important that the couple looks and feels their best with what theme you pick. Religious, Vintage, Filmy, Warm, Comic, do what the bride says. The bride is always right.

Small bills don’t make Fairytale videos

You’ve got your theme in place, and your people pumped up, but how much and where do you put your budgeted dough? This really depends on your personal wedding video invitations budget. What I can say though is that your spend would primarily be disbursed in 4 areas- the videographer, The set up (if you plan on renting a set), a video editor and of course, props and costumes! Many godsent websites today make life easier by steering you through the whole process. Picking a theme, script, backdrops, videographer and editors. Even though they might be a tad bit more expensive, they assure that you have in hand, the wedding video invitations of your dreams. Most couples prefer their invite to be custom made and not just random templates off of the internet.

Weddings demand planning. So do mind-boggling videos.

Once you’ve confirmed what type of video you want, getting the script in place is pretty simple (well, sort of). The flow of the video is pretty much defined by the theme. Nonetheless, couples differ in their approach to design a wedding video invitation. Some might choose a  ‘go with a flow’ kind of approach and some might want to prep every move in advance and direct the entire process just like in a film. Some like the video to flow in the form of a story of how they met, some may just want to enact or hitch together clippings of special moments. The most popular kind though is a wedding trailer. A video of what to expect at the wedding, the whole idea of celebration depicted with smiles, laughter, champagne and more than all, emotion. Make sure not to cram too much textual data on to the video back to back. Spread it out evenly. Pro Tip: Since the wedding day is THE essence of the entire wedding, make the wedding video invitations only about the wedding ceremony. After all, The rest, of course, could be sent across as e-invites.  

Bottom Line: Make the invite count. Apart from choosing the theme and the flow of the wedding video invitation, pick a mood. Make your folks laugh or cry tears of joy by the end of the invitation. Goof it up a little, there’s no need to be serious. Shimmy, shake and sparkle. Everything about your wedding day should be special, wedding video invitations included. Happy Wedding Planning!

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