Wedding Video Invitations for Every Kind of Couple in 2019!

Wedding video invitations are a popular trend these days, mostly because they let you feel like a celebrity. It’s almost like a trailer video of how your wedding is going to be. It’ll give your guests an idea about the theme and if done right, it can also provide a glimpse into your personality. 

So, here are some wedding video invitations that can suit every kind of couple!

Wedding Video Invitations
Wedding Video Invitations

#1. The Sarvagun Sampan Couple

Sacred Chant

This couple is usually spiritual. The chant that’s at the beginning of the video, literally calls upon Lord Ganesha to remove any obstacles in your path. So, it’s safe to say that with this video invite you’re sure to have an amazing wedding. The playful Indian music in the background provides for a very pleasant experience. 

#2. The Gypsy Couple

Bohemian Flute

If you’re a free-spirited and a true gypsy at heart, then this video invite will be the perfect fit. The Bohemian flute music with a modern twist is a good choice. The bright colours also add to the aesthetic. 

#3. The à la mode couple

Shimmering Lights

If you’re a contemporary couple who likes to keep up with the current trends and hashtags this is one of the amazing wedding video invitations that’ll go well with your personality. The groovy music sure does accentuate this. 

#4. The ‘Bhakt’ couple

Heavenly Abode

This works well for a traditional Hindu couple who are embodiments of Big B’s famous dialogue ‘Parampara, Prathista, Anushan’. The design has an authentic traditional Indian feel and the image of Vishnu only adds to the appeal. The Hindustani classical music pairs perfectly with the video!

#5. The Romantic couple

Captured in Love

This couple can give King Khan and any of his lady love a run for their money. They’re always together doing mushy stuff and just being around them can make you feel like YOU’RE falling in love. The soothing background music just feels like it’d be perfect for a slow waltz!

#6. The Modern Duo

Dance of Light

They’re one of the most progressive and chic couples. So, they’ll definitely love stylish and modern wedding video invitations. This particular video invitation embodies that and the almost techno music sure does make you tap your feet!

#7. The Eclectic Lovebirds

Marigold Garden

This is one video invite that can definitely match anyone’s eclectic personality. The changing slides with different clips that makes you feel like you’re watching the actual ceremony. The beautiful music perfectly complements the wedding video invitation. 

#8. The Artistic Couple

Warli Art

Warli art is one of the best forms of folk art present today. The ancient art form is still practised in Maharashtra predominantly. So, if you’re an artistic couple, what’s better than announcing your big day with a truly artistic video invite? 

#9. The Dreamy Couple

Midnight Dreams

This duo is in their own world. They are forever whispering, giving and if you want to learn how to make heart eyes, just observe them. You’ll be a master at silent flirting! One of the most beautiful wedding video invitations is the Midnight dreams invite and paired with the soulful music, will surely be an invite to remember!

#10. The Nature Lovers

Tree of Life

If you’re a nature lover, chances are that you’ll be opting for a green wedding. Also, wedding video invitations are a great way to have an eco-friendly smart wedding. The ‘Tree of Life’ video invite, with the different elements of nature like the tree, deers etc. will definitely be a perfect choice. 

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