Wedding Video Invitations Filmed Vs. Purchasing Templates?

Indian weddings are known to be grand, lavish and entertaining and couples and their families go through a lot to make the big fat Indian wedding happen. But due to COVID 19, they have shrunk and now not more than 50 guests are invited. This has also completely changed the way we invite people and things like e-invites and wedding video invitations are the best and most preferred choice of couples. Most couples these days are opting for wedding video invitations.

So, here are the pros and cons of getting wedding video invitations filmed vs. Purchasing templates

Wedding Video Invitations
Wedding Video Invitations

Getting Your Wedding Video Invitations Filmed


#1. It’s almost like a pre-wedding shoot. So get amazing footage and pictures. 

#2. Filming wedding video invitations are fun. From changing sceneries to changing outfits they’re a lot more fun than purchasing templates.

#3. These shoots are a great time to bond and have fun with your signing other. You see places have fun and maybe even some good food!

#4. It adds a personal touch to the invitations and makes your guests feel like they are a part of your journey. 

#5. It’s almost like a movie trailer with the scenes and the music and will definitely be as entertaining to your guests. 


#1. With this COVID 19 situation, it’s almost impossible to go to multiple locations and shoot a video. Even if you can move around you’ll have to settle for places that are close and not really have epic scenic places. 

#2. Getting a video shot and edited professionally takes a lot of money and have a significant effect on your wedding budget. 

#3. You have to spend a lot of time to shoot your wedding video invitation and uses a lot more resources. 

Purchasing Wedding Video Invitation Templates


#1. They take very less time to create. You just have to purchase the template and put in all the details required and that’s it…you’re done!

#2. They cost only about 1k or 2, which is much lesser when compared to filming wedding video invitations.

#3. You can create one and send from the comfort of your own home, which frankly is essential amidst the corona pandemic. No outfit changes, no travelling in bad weather conditions, just purchase and send to your loved ones from your own home!


#1. They won’t be as elaborate as filming wedding video invitations is and won’t have all the ‘Bollywood’ feels. 

So, purchasing templates as you’ve seen is better at this point opting to shoot and film your wedding video invitation as they are convenient and cost much less. To check out some of the best wedding video invitations templates, click here!

Image Credits: Clicks Unlimited Photography

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