New Style of Wedding Video Invitations Is All the Rage!

Remember those days when the beginning of winters signaled the arrival of innumerable wedding cards? Coffee tables were stacked with invitations to weddings in India’s busiest wedding season… Boxes of sweets accompanied them and mostly, one didn’t know what to do with it all! And then when the time came to attend the wedding, the evening started with frantic hunting for the card, so you could confirm the time, place and location.

In the digital world that we live in, it’s all a bit redundant! Looking for a leaflet for directions seems pointless with Google Maps. And the amount of money spent and paper used on printing invites is neither good for the environment or the pocket. With wedding video invitations becoming all the rage now, it’s topping the list of the coolest way of nailing your wedding card.

Here’s why they’re amazing:

They leave an impact!

“While e-cards have been popular for a while now, they don’t have as much of a statement value. With a wedding video invitation you can create something really memorable—it’s got music, pictures, information and most importantly a really ambient feel,” says Deepit Saraf, a groom who recently created his video invitation with Wedding Wishlist. “I got so much amazing feedback for mine, my guests really enjoyed it,” he says.

They can pack in information

E-cards can be limiting sometimes because of its size. And while multi-page cards can help alleviate that problem, it still feels like a long document. “Ours was a destination wedding with a lot of functions, and we wanted to encapsulate a gist of the venue as well as all the information in our invite. The wedding video invitation was a great way of doing that,” says Renu Saraf, the groom’s mother. Coming from a traditional Marwari family where printed invites are still the norm, she was skeptical about this choice in the beginning, but the response she received on her son’s invite was overwhelming. “Everyone’s WhatsApp friendly now days, and even the older people found this concept new and convenient,” she says.

They are so easy now!

“When I received Deepit’s invite, my first thought was that this would have taken so much time and effort. It was only later that he told me how simple it was for him to create one,” says Shubhaang, the groom’s childhood friend. And that’s the thing with wedding video invitations—they look really amazing and feel like it takes a lot to create one. But with websites like Wedding Wishlist, this is changing now. The site allows you to create one at just Rs 1,999 and once you share your details, the invitation is ready in few days. So it’s a high-impact and low cost way of doing a stunning invitation for your wedding.

So if you’re getting married soon, ditch the old-school printed invitations for the new, fun and trendy way of inviting your guests. Create your wedding video invitation with Wedding Wishlist now!

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