Best Wedding Video Invites That You’ll Absolutely Love!

The very idea of a physical wedding invite is passe! Gone are the days when you had a stack of invites collecting on your coffee table, and total confusion when it came to finding the one you actually needed! 2020, along with the many monumental changes it bought, also made the paper invite extinct. Moreover, with a raging pandemic, couples went digital with weddings, and wedding video invites followed suit.

Wedding Video Invites
Wedding Video Invites

However, if you are getting married, we suggest an upgrade with these stunning wedding video invites. 

#1. Highlight your destination

As travel begins to open up, couples can look forward to destination weddings again in 2021. In fact, given the smaller scale of celebrations, it is a great idea to have a wedding at the perfect destination. And your video invite can highlight the theme, feel, and vibe of the wedding perfectly with the right design. In case you’re heading to the beach, take inspiration from this classic design. Going royal with a palace wedding? Get a similar one designed by taking inspiration. This simple save-the-date style invite is just what you need to get your guests excited about the big day. 


#2. Paint the perfect picture

Another very popular route for wedding video invites is to opt for illustrations or sketches. This is particularly popular with couples who are camera shy and don’t want to use their own images. Not only do these invites give simple-yet-classic look, but they also require intricate design skills which add to the richness of the invite. From black and white to color, from pure line illustrations to caricatures, the list of how you can invent with this idea is endless. 


#3. Go traditional and give it an auspicious start 

Want to start your invite by remembering your God? These spiritual designs are the most popular among couples and their families as they embody all the traditional elements while still having a contemporary feel to them. Be it, Lord Ganesha, Jesus, or any other motif you want, this design is a perfect choice. You can also add shlokas or verses from your religious text here for a truly beautiful invite that conveys what you feel.


Sacred Chant

#4. Make it sparkle 

Millennial couples who are looking for a fun, contemporary, and party vibe to their invite can choose from these designs. While most appropriate for a cocktail, bachelorette, and youngsters’ night, they can also transcend to more traditional wedding functions. If you’re planning a celebration with glitz and glam, then these invites will convey it to your guests perfectly. 


#5. Go for a splash of color 

And finally, if you’re looking for wedding video invites that are just bright and happy and will express the joy you’re feeling, use color to convey the message. A fun palette with bright yellow, gold, pink, or even red is perfect to signify the spirit of the wedding celebration. Mix it up with festive photos of you and your partner for an unforgettable invite


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