5 Companies That Make The Most Heartwarming Wedding Videos

Every wedding has a photographer and videographer to capture moments and candid shots so that we can go back and relive those memories. Creating a stunning wedding video with collated shots of happy, fun and teary-eyed moments make the wedding an occasion that will never be forgotten. For this, you deserve the best videographers to help create such heartwarming wedding videos. But, you may think how most of these videographers are quite expensive.

wedding videos
wedding videos

Well, worry not we have searched and compiled a list of the best 5 companies in India that create the best and most memorable wedding videos.

#1 Candid Tales

Just as the name of the company sounds, Candid Tales is a hidden but loved gem. They create heartwarming and breathtaking wedding videos. After watching their perfect compilation, you are sure to be speechless. They capture emotions so perfectly that when you watch their creation, you will find yourself reliving the wedding day! Not only are they brilliant at what they do, but can also fit within the budget you are aiming for.

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#2 Pixbricks

This firm offers services of creating the best wedding videos you have ever seen! They have selected and very talented videographers who capture candid and the most unexpected (beautiful) moments. When they work on creating a wedding video, a lot of flair goes into it. The cinematography, the style, everything. Once you get your hands on their final creation, be ready with a box of tissues because it will definitely get you emotional and happy. This firm is based in Bangalore but are open to shoot wedding videos across India. Loving the sound of this? Then reach out to them now!

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#3 The Wedding Whistlez

The Wedding Whistlez believe that every moment has a story to tell, and not a moment shall be missed. It is not that they collect the entire nights footage and put it together. A lot of planning and conceptualizing goes into the making of their wedding videos. A lot of emotions are expressed which makes the video truly something beautiful and memorable for a lifetime. This is one wedding video company that you must approach to for the perfect video and at a decent price range!

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#4 NSFlix Production

This company is based out of Mumbai but does wedding video shoots and photography across India. They have an innovative ways and ideas of capturing moments and transferring them into a beautiful video with a impressive storytelling format. Once, you watch their work there is no going back. In fact, you will start referrencing them to your friends and family too! If you are looking for magical movie like treatment to your wedding video, then NSFlix Production surely are the best.

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#5 Talking Pictures by Hitesh

The name of this video company may seem a bit off, but his work will surely wow you. The aim of this company is to create a wedding video that will make every couples dream come true. His approach, detailing, and style that goes into the making of this video will speak volumes as to why they are sought after and extremely loved. If you are looking for a wedding video that will warm your heart but also take you back to your special day, then Talking Pictures by Hitesh is perfect.

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There is no shortage in finding videographers who will create wedding videos, but there are the selected few who will create the video that you have envisioned and that will leave you speechless (in a good way)! Hope this list of the best 5 wedding video makers will leave you very happy.


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