Wedding vocabulary you need to know if you’re getting married in 2022

It would be an understatement to say that weddings have changed over the course of the last couple of years. From the big fat Indian wedding, it’s become a micro hybrid affair. A guest list that spanned thousands is now usually capped at 50 or 100. Destination wedding invites include more instructions on RT PCR tests and vaccine certificates than dress codes and event details. So with this changing landscape, it’s only natural that the lingo changes too.

If you’re getting married this year, we’re here to give you an English lesson and get your wedding vocab up to date! 

Un-save the date:

Yes, we all know save the dates—they go as far back as wedding invites. A simple card asking your guests to block your wedding date while you prep the details to send them the formal invite. However, with the pandemic playing a pandemonium with our schedules, the latest trend is ‘un-save the date’, These are cards sent out to guests when a wedding gets cancelled last minute due to Covid restrictions or a spike in the cases. 


Hybrid weddings:

With travel restrictions and limited mobility, a large part of the grand Indian wedding has moved online. Celebrations are now a mix of physical and virtual, with close family and friends (emotionally and logistically) attending in person while everyone else logs in from their devices. And this has given birth to the new hybrid weddings, a safe and inclusive celebration. 

Micro wedding:

In a world of over the top, grand celebrations, a tiny virus has played the ultimate spoilsport, leading to ‘micro weddings’. These are celebrations that are extremely intimate, with just immediate family and the closest of friends. With guest lists not exceeding 50 people including both sides and vendors, it’s very very micro! 

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Unplugged wedding:

Now this one is certainly not a result of the pandemic, but more a result of the spate of celebrity weddings that have taken place over the last 2 years. This is for couples who want to control the social media look and feel of their wedding or want super private affairs. It basically means no phones, no tablets, no photos—basically no wedding reveal. 


This one really breaks our heart, because no couple should have to go through it. But it basically means when couples have to postpone their honeymoon because of circumstances out of their control like travel restrictions or case spike and other such reasons. So essentially it is a honeymoon that will happen later! 

Wedding sequel:

Imagine you planned the wedding of your dreams but were unable to go through it because of the world situation. So you tied the knot in a ‘micro wedding’ and decided to have a ‘latermoon’. However, that does not mean you are ok to let go off the wedding of your dreams. That’s when you have a wedding sequel, which is basically a grand wedding post your small ceremony, when things are conducive to do so… (and we see you’re catching on with the lingo already…).

Charity registry:

One of the best things to have come out of hybrid weddings is this philanthropic phenomenon. With a large part of guests attending virtually, it becomes difficult to gift the couple something nice. And most couples having a small wedding don’t want gifts, but know their guests will get them something anyway. So the best solution—a charity registry, when you ask your guests to support a cause of your choice in lieu of a wedding gift.

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