The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Wedding Website Explained

Creating a wedding website is an important and essential step for marriages these days. A wedding website acts as a wedding invitation, except that it isn’t limited to it being just a card. It can contain multiple details and information that can be privy to the guests who will be attending your wedding. However, hip, modern, traditional or quirky you want your wedding and the wedding website to be; there are Do’s and Don’ts that must be followed. Ensuring this for your website will lead you to have a very successful and memorable wedding.

wedding website
wedding website

Let us begin with the Do’s of a wedding website!


DO add the RSVP button to your wedding website! This is the ultimate and holy grail of creating a wedding website. Regardless of whether you have distributed wedding invitations, adding an RSVP button to your website gives your guests a chance to tick the box and instantly give you a response of them attending your wedding. It is a hassle-free and simple way of collecting information on who will be at your wedding and who won’t.

#2 Functions’ Info

DO share proper details of the wedding venue, reception and other functions on the wedding website. You may have invited friends and family from out of the state or area. So, for them, the locations can get tricky and confusing. Stay one step of such a problem and go ahead to adding details that are required. Also, do not just limit the locations with regards to the venue but also add in a touch of recommended lodgings, restaurants and places to visit! This will show that you are truly happy for your guests to be a part of your special day and that you want them to also have an amazing experience.

#3 Wedding Registry

DO register! Adding a wedding registry option to your wedding website will give your guests the exact idea of what to get you for your wedding. Also, creating this registry will also allow your guests to know what wedding gifts are for grabs so that you do not end up with two of the same gifts! It is a smart and very effective idea, so go ahead and link up your registries.

#4 Perfect Style

DO keep the wedding website in your style! Just because you are trying to make your wedding perfect and organized does not mean that your website has to be something that you do not relate with. Your website should reflect your personality and taste, who you really are. Take the opportunity to be creative and get things done your way.

#5 Dress Code

DO be clear about the dress code and wedding attire. Your wedding website can have a section where you can inform your guests if there is a certain theme or if your wedding will be a black tie event. That way your guests are not caught off guard and know exactly how to dress for your special day. Inform your guests of the type of weather you are expecting during your wedding week so they are aware to bring the right kind of clothes.

Here are the compulsory Don’ts you must follow while creating a wedding website!

#1 Personal details

DO NOT share personal information over your wedding website. Yes, your wedding website should have the details of the location, venue, dates, and your phone numbers for access but do not put out personal information. Your wedding websites are public and are therefore accessible to people anywhere so be smart about uploading information.

#2 Domain name

DO NOT over complicate your wedding website domain name! Yes, creating a wedding website gets everyone excited. It gives you a chance to be quirky and adorable, but you can do all of this on your website. Create a domain name that is easily accessible and has no complication whatsoever. Let it be clear, direct, and spot on. Avoid using hyphens or even characters, as this complicates the process. A wedding is a function that has a lot of detailing, it would be great if your wedding website wasn’t the one creating issues.

#3 Limit Gallery

DO NOT limit your gallery. Your wedding website should be vibrant and filled with pictures of not just your engagement or proposal but also pictures of you and your partner in general! Add the touch of the pictures of when you first met or started dating to the current stage, this will increase the cuteness quotient and make everyone say ‘aww’.

#4 Functions

DO NOT forget to specify the various functions, dates, and locations to these functions. Often what happens is because of the amount of work that goes into creating the perfect wedding. Sometimes, one may miss out on adding the very important details on their wedding website. So be aware while adding details, do not miss out timings, venue locations, themes and even the kind of the function it is going to be. Your guests will really appreciate if they knew where and for what they were going for.

#5 Acronyms

DO NOT use acronyms! Using acronyms may make your life very simple but it sure will not help others. Since you are the one getting married, you are the driving force of the wedding it is obvious that you would know what these acronyms meant. Adding this to your wedding website is a complete NO-NO. Those reading the acronyms MOH for example (Maid Of Honour) may not really know what it is and will leave them clueless and unaware. Let us not complicate things for a day so special.

Well, we have listed a list of the Do’s and Dont’s of creating a wedding website. If you have this under control then know that your wedding will be flawless and on point. Let us know if you had some experience in this department and what you’d like to add in the list!

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