5 Couples Share Their Experience with a Wedding Website

Wedding websites have become synonymous to wedding invitations. If you don’t agree, you’re late to the party. But worry not! It’s never too late to create a wedding website for your wedding. Most people fear the word website because it sounds technical, but at Wedding Wishlist the process is completely DIY, super easy and most importantly, fun. Be it reminiscing your story for guests or doing a wedding registry and sending guest messages, the idea is to make it a fun process for you and your guests. And, if you’ve decided to go with the wedding app, then you can interact with your guests and share pictures too. Some of the Wedding Wishlist brides, who created the wedding website, share their experience with us.

Wedding Website couple Shreya and Praveen
Wedding Website

Their wedding website set a trend in their families and guests absolutely loved it. Here’s what they had to say.

Harshinii & M T Adithya

Harshini and MT Adhithya, a designer and musician duo tied the knot in February. Having met in an arranged marriage set up they decided to have a traditional wedding with no reception. The guests had a great time at the wedding, thanks to an elaborate website that explained each ritual in a detailed fashion. 

“When I decided to do my wedding website, the initial idea was to combine it with an E-Invite. But later I realized the website was actually an evolved version of the invite, which pretty much answered every question about the wedding. Be it the functions, travel details or even wedding gifts. I also made sure that every ritual was carefully elaborated so all our friends coming from London understood each ritual. All my self designed invitation elements blended with the theme in a very beautiful way. “

Wedding Website Couple Harshini & Aditya
Harshinii & Adithya

Shreya & Praveen

This musician couple had a zero-waste wedding. Naturally, they went digital with their invitations as well. 

“The wedding website was a different way of inviting guests. While most couples just send an invite and hope to see most of them at the wedding, we went a step ahead and emailed guests to know how many of them could actually make it, so we could decide on the venue, food and the rest. The first step to a waste-free wedding is to get the guest count right. The wedding website helped us achieve that.”

Wedding Website Couple Praveen & Shreya
Praveen & Shreya

Dhanya & Bhargav

Dhanya & Bhargav decided to do things differently at their wedding. Earthen pots instead of plastic bottles. Online wedding gift registry instead of physical wedding gifts. Organic wedding decor. Eco-friendly gifts instead of plastic boxes. And lastly, a wedding website for an invitation instead of traditional paper invites. The wedding website had their story, registry, wedding preferences, events and even the guest book. 

“We insisted on a zero-waste wedding and wanted our guests to understand that as much as we did. The wedding website helped us communicate that to the guests and make them part of the zero-waste wedding.”

Dhanya & Bhargav- Wedding Website Couple
Dhanya & Bhargav

Sashwanthi & Rajkumar

Sashwanthi and Rajkumar, a couple with an avid love for travel, fell in love and travelled the world together. Through their website, they got to talk about the places they visited together and how their love grew with every journey. 

“The website was really unique. The facility to add pictures and doing the story added a personal touch to the website. Wedding websites are not something everybody opts for in the south. So it worked very well for me and my guests.”

Sashwanthi & Rajkumar
Sashwanthi & Rajkumar

Manisha & Niranjan

Manisha and Niranjan carefully thought through their whole wedding website. Starting with a picture of themselves and a small story of how they met, they moved on to add pictures from their special times together. The couple also decided to create a wedding gift registry for their wedding, one that was a big hit among her guests. 

“The wedding website was exactly what I was looking for. We didn’t do a traditional invite so we had to find something that would fit in all the information about us as a couple, the bridal party and the wedding.”

Manisha & Niranjan-Wedding Website couple
Manisha & Niranjan

While a lot of couples choose to go through the tiresome process of printing invitations and in the process causing damage to the environment in terms of paper and plastic usage, some of them go the eco-friendly way and create a wedding website, just like these brides!

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