Wedding websites & why you MUST have one -The Definitive Guide

Two young architects from Chennai, living in Singapore and looking to conquer the world, decided to get married. Dealing with varying time zones, geographies and a guest list that spanned continents, all they wanted was an invitation that was easy, explanatory and elaborate. They found the perfect solution with a wedding website. 

“Our website was the only invite we really needed! Our guests got to know a bit about us, our ceremonies, our gift preferences and could RSVP right here. It was absolutely perfect,” says Srinidhi, who created a customised website for her wedding to Prashanth. 

Srinidhi & Prashanth
Srinidhi & Prashanth

And that’s the reason the trend of wedding websites has rapidly become a norm. Wedding Websites are the convenient, customised, cost- and eco-friendly choice. The big fat Indian wedding is all about making sure that every guest has the time of their life. And in this age of digital and technological innovation, there are so many ways you can go about making your guests truly a part of your celebration. A wedding website is the most effective way to do this. 

What Is a Wedding Website?

It’s a website created for the sole purpose of your wedding, with your very own customized URL. You can add information like the story of how you met, functions and their details, Google Map locations, dress codes, gift registry, travel information, RSVP forms and more. You can fill this up with pictures, notes and even a guest book and make it truly yours. It’s a great way to share information in detail with your guests.

Why Create a Wedding Website?

Now that you know what a wedding website is, you’re definitely thinking of what purpose it solves. So, here are a few reasons why you need to create a wedding website:

#1. It’s a Great Way to Share Your Story

Wedding Websites are a great way to share a meet-cute story with your guests and make them a part of the experience! Also, you can share your thoughts about the wedding with guests in a much more elaborate manner. If you’re looking to have an environmentally-conscious wedding, tell your guests about it so they can participate whole-heartedly. 

#2. It Makes Wedding Planning Easy

A wedding website sure does make wedding planning easy with the inbuilt RSVP button. You’ll have a ballpark on the number of guests attending your wedding and can plan accordingly. Also, instead of getting a ton of calls for directions on the day of the wedding and other ceremonies, use the in-built map navigation system in wedding websites.

#3. It’s Cost-effective

The wedding website is really cost effective, especially for out-of-town guests. In a typical  Indian wedding, it’s a given you’ll have out-of-town guests or even people flying in from outside of the country. So, instead of spending a lot of money on sending out physical wedding cards to each one of them, spend close to no money on a wedding website and a cheerful invitation call. 

#4. It’s Informative for Your Guests

After the wedding invitation is sent, you never know what happens with or to it. There’s a high chance that guests misplace it or it gets damaged. So, instead, opt for a wedding website so that all the information is available to your guests with just a click!

#5. It’s Eco- Friendly

It is high time we get conscious about the environment and cut down on producing waste as much as we can. So, instead of sending out physical wedding invitations, wedding websites make for a great choice. You can add as much information as you like, there’s no couriering required and you can keep updating the information as and when needed.

How to Create a Wedding Website?

Today, you have a million options for literally everything. That’s not too far off when it comes to wedding websites. So choose a platform that works for you and has everything that’s important to you. Generally, there are 3 easy steps to create wedding websites and they are:

#1. Choose the template you love

#2. Add all the details and customize it to suit your taste

#3. Share the website!

If you have all the information on hand, creating your website literally takes just about an hour or two. Another awesome thing about wedding websites is that you can keep updating information.

Platforms to Consider When Creating a Wedding Website

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding websites. But do you really know which one has the best features or is best suited for what you have in mind? There are many platforms that literally offer everything on a silver platter but they charge you a significant amount. But having spent so much money on your wedding, a wedding website is something you can save money on and create for free. So, instead of spending hours on researching which is the best place to create a wedding website, here’s all the information you need to choose one!

Key ConsiderationsWedding
Free personalised URL
Wedding App
D-I-Y Customisation 
Matching Invitations
Indian Themes
Free Music 
Built-in Easy Sharing Options
Responsive Web Design
Easy User Interface
Password Protection
RSVP Manager
Free RSVP Form & Guestbook
Map Navigation 
Guest Specific URL

Answer and Abhijit had created their wedding website on Wix but they had to integrate their gift registry from a third party service, in their case, Wedding Wishlist with their site. In their own words- “ We initially didn’t have the idea of creating a gift registry. By the time we got around to creating one at Wedding Wishlist, we had already sent out the link to a select few. But if we had to go back and change things, we would’ve definitely created our website at Wedding Wishlist. It would’ve just made a lot of sense to have everything in one place.”

Answer & Abhijit's Website
Answer & Abhijit’s Website

For a step-by-step guide to create a wedding website on Wedding Wishlist, click here! To view a sample wedding website at Wedding Wishlist, click here!

What to Do and Not to Do with Your Wedding Website

#1. Your Story

Do: Make use of your wedding website to share your story with the guests. Share a meet-cute story and give them a glimpse into your journey.

Don’t: Don’t get into TMI territory, where the cheesiness just won’t stop. Stick with the basics and you’ll do great!

#2. The Details of Your Functions

Your Story and Functions
Your Story and Functions

Do: Given that a wedding website is informative that’s a pretty obvious point. So, do include information about the different functions like the venue, time, address, map and even the dress code. You can also elaborate on the significance of the different functions. 

Don’t: Don’t make a mistake when it comes to the time, date and venue of the function. Make sure that they are the same as the invites you’re sending out.

#3. Your Gift Registry

Gift Registry
Gift Registry

Do: Include your gift registry with your website. It’s beneficial to you as well as your guests. You get the gifts you actually want and your guests need not worry about what to get you. We’re sure they’d like to gift you something you love and will actually use. So, just let them know what you want and make things easier. Include a short and sweet message telling your guests why you’ve opted for the registry and will appreciate getting you gifts from it as the concept is fairly new in India.

Don’t: What you must not do is send out your registry link separately and your wedding website separately. Integrate your registry in your website. 

#4. Rsvp

Do: You must definitely have Rsvp forms on your website. The guests can easily respond and let you know if they can make it to your wedding.

Don’t: What you must not do is entirely rely on it. It’s just a way for you to get an idea on the number of guests attending.

#5. Guestbook

Do: You should definitely have a guestbook where your guests can leave you messages. We’re sure they’ll perk you up and you can also use this later on to send out your thank you cards.

Don’t: Don’t use your guestbook as an RSVP tool. Stick to the RSVP form. 

#6. Travel Guide

Do: You should definitely have a travel guide to let the guests know where they are being put up, from where they are being picked up and so on, especially if it’s a destination wedding. 

Don’t: What you should not do is have only that information. Make a little travel guide for the city like the best places to visit, the best places to eat and so on so that the guests can make the best use of their downtime. 

When to Share Your Wedding Website

Sharing your website is very easy. Just make use of the built-in sharing options to share your website with your guests. Generally, people share the website along with their save-the-dates. As soon as the venue and dates are set you can just share the website and keep updating it. Also, send out a reminder mail or message 8-4 weeks before the wedding, depending on your guest list. Make sure to send out the reminder 8 weeks before the wedding with the guests who have to fly in and with the rest 4 weeks before will do. 

Wedding Website Templates You’ll Love

So, now that you know all about wedding websites, here are a few wedding website templates you’ll absolutely love from the platforms mentioned above.

#1. Wedding Wishlist

Wedding Wishlist
Wedding Wishlist

Wedding Wishlist has established itself as the trusted brand of choice for all things wedding. Apart from the great user interface, flexibility and personalization options, the website design gallery reflects the essence of Indian weddings that are missing in other platforms. 

#2. Wix


It is an intuitive platform that gives you options based on the kind of site you want to create. But their designs are not specific to weddings. Plus, if you’re planning to create a gift registry ( a must have these days), you’ll anyway have to create it on another platform and integrate it here. So, save yourself the integration hassle and create everything in one platform. 

#3. The Knot

The Knot
The Knot

The Knot is a well-known wedding website provider, but the templates do not offer Indian themes. Weddings are generally where culture and tradition are celebrated, so your wedding website should reflect that. 

#4. Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire
Wedding Wire

They may be well-known in India but you have just a handful of wedding website templates options. The interface is not user-friendly and you’ll just spend a lot of time creating a good wedding website that you honestly could spend on planning your dream wedding instead. 

#5. Weebly


It may be a great platform to put up blogging or a sales website but it is just not suited to weddings. The options are too limited and there’s not enough support to create an awesome wedding website.

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Photo credits: Srinidhi & Prashant, Answer & Abhijit, Wedding Wishlist, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Wix and Weebly

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