Divya & Vinayak’s Practical Wedding Gifts with a Gift Registry

There’s something magical about a love that stood the test of time and distance. Between Divya and Vinaayak, they have lived in three continents since they first met in school. They’ve come a long way from SMS-ing each other all day (and barely being able to look each other in the eye in person). But those early 160-character love notes are what really set the course for their relationship.


When both fell in love with the gift registry!

Though the idea was met with mixed reactions at first, Divya and Vinaayak’s friends and families ended up loving the concept of having a gift registry for wedding gifts. According to Divya, they liked the practicality and specific nature of it. The presents were not only useful but also valued. She added, “the fact that we received an intimation every time someone bought us a gift made this process even more hassle-free and added a personal touch.”


Divya and Vinaayak ended up choosing a variety of options for their wedding gift registry that were reflections of their personalities, ensuring that their guests had their pick of personalized wedding gifts. Vinaayak, a huge foodie, chose plenty of kitchen appliances like a toaster, a sandwich maker, and a rice cooker. Divya, a hardcore romantic, opted for a weekend getaway for two (purchased for her by her very generous sister-in-law!) at Iyris, a stunning homestay in Coorg. We think it’s safe to say it’s in the running for one of the most lovely honeymoon destinations!

Gifts from Wedding Wishlist

Happy endings

Both are glad they settled on Weddingwishlist.com despite their initial misgivings, and share, “Wedding Wishlist was a dream come true for us because they made this experience so memorable and easy for us in between all the crazy wedding planning. They were very prompt with regard to helping us find what we wanted, and got it done in no time. Meanwhile, our friends and families were also having fun calling dibs on their favourite gifts from our gift registry.”

We at Weddingwishlist.com are thrilled to be a part of Divya and Vinaayak’s happy ending. In Divya’s words, “no amount of land (or even seas for that matter) can keep us apart from each other or test the beautiful bond that we’ve discovered with each other.” Now, that’s a relationship worth celebrating! Are you ready to get your very own gift registry?

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