What is a Wedding Wedsite?

According to TOI*, an average Indian spends over 99 hours a month online. So, if most people invited to your wedding are online as much as it seems, it makes a lot of sense to create your own wedding website.

Some people feel that wedsites are narcissistic while others find them to be helpful in organizing a wedding. Although, filling the website with a thousand photos of you and your partner is a bit extreme (and completely unhelpful), building a simple website with just the right mix of wedding information and stories from your relationship is not. Here are six reasons how a wedding website can help.

Wedding Websites – Cheaper Way to Invite

A wedding website is a perfect accompaniment for your invitation cards, and given current postal charges, you’d really want to reconsider sending that invitation abroad. By directing every invitee to your wedsite which contains all wedding details, an RSVP section, and even an FAQ corner, you can keep your invites minimalistic, and even get rid of the pre-paid RSVP envelope.

Eco-Friendly and Simple RSVPs

The world’s getting warmer every day, and you can do your bit by cutting down on paper invitations, especially when it can add some extra cash to your honeymoon budget. Not only can you have all your RSVPs organized in one spot and keep track of all the pending responses, but you can also create your own quirky RSVPs to reflect your personalities. We came up with examples for you to replace the common “yes” and “no” choices like, “Yes! I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to wear my green suit again!” or “No, it’s too close to my choir rehearsal!”.

Wedding Websites make the RSVP process a breeze.

Wedding Websites make the RSVP process a breeze.

No Repeat Gifts

You’ve probably already begun making a Wedding Wishlist, so why not keep it open for your guests to see what items have already been picked? I’m sure you don’t want 10 wall-clocks and other similar wedding gifts gifted to you on your wedding.

FAQ Corner

It’s going to be difficult to answer 100 questions from 100 guests at the same time about wedding and reception times, dress code, directions, accommodation, and other information about nearby salons for those last-minute touch-ups. Making a wedding website gives your guests 24/7 access to any wedding related information. You don’t have to compromise on your beauty naps or wake up in the middle of the night to answer if there would be parking at the wedding.

Have all your wedding questions answered!

Have all your wedding questions answered!

Tell Your Story

People love stories, especially love stories. Your guests will love knowing more about you as a couple, be it through pictures or stories. Adding personal touches to your wedding website will help you connect with your guests, and get them excited about the wedding. This is going to increase their chances of showing up and having a jolly good time too. The more your guests know about you, the more they will appreciate the intricate choices and themes that you choose.

Last Minute Update! No Problemo.

Wrong weather prediction? Delayed ceremony? Trying to notify all your guests of any big changes can bring out the hulk in you. But making a quick update on the website takes just a moment. Everyone is notified at once, and no hulk.

Making a wedding website is not only help to keep your wedding organized but also one of the fun wedding planning activities for you and your partner. Happy Planning!

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