Why A Whatsapp Wedding Invitation Is The Best Thing Ever!

Let’s be honest. We’re all (or at least most of us) guilty of being addicted to WhatsApp in varying degrees! We’re a part of more groups that we can remember. We get more Good Morning messages than we care for and sneak in a peek more than a dozen times a day. And while researchers will tell you this could be making us borderline crazy, we’re not about to let go anytime soon. So why not use this amazing technology for something more useful than passing on forwards? Welcome to the world of WhatsApp wedding invitations, where this chat network becomes the channel to share invites, get RSVPs and reach out to friends across the world at zero cost and very little effort. It’s no wonder that these invitations have taken the wedding world by storm. Here’s why WhatsApp wedding invitation is an amazing option to go for.

Phone with a WhatsApp Wedding Invitation
WhatsApp Wedding Invitation

Why Choose a WhatsApp Wedding Invitation?

The answer is obvious, it is cost-effective and hassle-free and just imagine the amount of paper and waste it saves! These are the reasons why anyone would immediately switch to a WhatsApp wedding invitation. Choosing this platform and method of sharing the invitation is absolutely perfect. This means that you do not have to make multiple visits to a wedding stationery store where you have to pick out the quality of the paper, go back and forth to proofread and re-print the invitation.

This can all be done within the comfort of your home. You can create it while at home, you can send it at your convenience, plus, there is no money spent! That is a great reason why one should really choose this platform. Another added bonus is that once your guest receives a ping on their phone they will not miss it! Everyone is inclined to pick up their phone and read/ see what message they received. This way you know your invitation got delivered and your guest can reply promptly. Isn’t this a win-win? 

Let’s move on from why you must choose this better option to how and what you can do to add a little sparkle to it.

#1 Every Detail Matters 

When creating a WhatsApp wedding invitation you need to keep in mind what you really want to share with your family, friends, and colleagues. Do you have a guest list on your mind? Do you want to customize your messaging as per your guests? Or do you want to share a simple text message or want to design your invitation? Apart from all these details, the most important thing is to communicate the dates (engagement/ wedding). Keep all of these points in mind. All though you may not be printing these invitations they are equally essential.

#2 Video Invite

If you are investing in getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done, why not use the footage of that and create a wedding invite video! This way you are smartly using an already existing material that you can share with your guests and also invite them to the wedding. A WhatsApp wedding video invitation can really get your guests excited and can be a visual delight to them. Combine two tasks in one, making this also another cost-effective approach in your wedding! 

#3 Your Wedding Tale

If a text is the message stye you want to send your invitation, then so be it. But just because it is a text does not mean it has to be extremely simple and direct. Wordplay and a little love story, followed by the venue and save the date is also another simple yet elegant WhatsApp wedding invitation. You will have to spend some time crafting the text but at least it is editable and personal. 

#4 Picture Perfect 

There must be one photograph of you and your better half that is romantic and happy. Use this photograph as leverage and make it the cover to your WhatsApp wedding invitation. A wedding is all about exploring love and adding romantic moments to it. This makes your wedding invitation, unique and personal.

There are multiple reasons we can suggest for you to choose a WhatsApp wedding invitation. It is trendy right now, cost-effective and easily customizable. You can choose your guests for any wedding event you want and it will save you any future trips. Also, of course, it is environment-friendly (not wasting paper)! By saving time and money on these activities and commute you can just spend one day and pen your thoughts on how you want your wedding invitation to sound and look like. This can be done anywhere at your convenience. Be creative and efficient and send those wedding invitations out to your guests. 

All those times you spend on WhatsApp, little did you know that this platform would be the saviour to your wedding invitation problems. Now, that you have read all the information on WhatsApp wedding invitation, go ahead and plan your special day!

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