Why Have an Outdoor Wedding?

From being swept off your feet under a moonlit sky to drinking mimosas and dancing to the beats of a dhol on a bright day, there is something magical about having an outdoor wedding. Especially when you compare it to a stuffy banquet or hall. If you’re planning your big day, read on to know all the reasons why we give a big thumbs up to having a backyard wedding. 

Outdoor wedding
Outdoor wedding

#1. You can get the perfect backdrop for free! 

Décor, as we all know, is one of the most expensive parts of planning a wedding. However, if you’re looking to have an outdoor wedding, and are smart about choosing your location, you can cut this cost to a fraction. Be it local or destination, if your venue is beautiful then nature plays the decorator. From a lakeside to mountain view, beautifully landscaped gardens or jungle greens—they all add character to your event. And something as simple as strings of fairy lights can transform these beautiful venues into something out of a fairytale. 

#2. Great weather ALWAYS beats air-conditioning 

When planning an outdoor wedding, weather plays an extremely important role. Obviously you wouldn’t want to plan one in the middle of torrential rains or peak summer. But if the weather is on your side, it can transform your celebration into something truly special. From having guests huddle around bonfires in winter weddings to breezy, cloudy autumn celebrations, weather can truly enhance the feel of an outdoor wedding reception. 

#3. It’s better ventilated and safer

Outdoor weddings got a massive boost during the pandemic as well-ventilated spaces have been all the rage. And given how we’ve changed our outlook to health and safety, outdoor venues will continue to be the preferred choice for guests and the couples. The open air environment makes people feel a bit safer than a cramped indoor space. 

#4. Its more airy, spacious and open

One of the biggest advantages of having a backyard wedding or anything in the open is that space does not come at a premium. With indoor spaces, cost significantly rises with the size of the space and more often than not, one ends up with a cramped venue where guests don’t have enough place to sit, relax and enjoy. In an outdoor wedding, you can choose a bigger area, spread out your seating arrangements, have a separate section for food and basically play with the space. The fact that its open air just makes the entire feel a lot less claustrophobic. 

#5. Photo-ops are EVERYTHING 

What’s a wedding without stunning photography? You want your big day to be filled with memorable photos that you can look back on. And you know what’s the most flattering thing when it comes to pictures? Natural light. You can be rest assured everyone will be looking their best in an outdoor wedding without the need of an elaborate lighting setup. Plus outdoor venues provide a lot more natural backdrops to create photo booths in. 

#6. Entertainment takes a whole new meaning!

When you’re having an outdoor celebration, the possibilities with entertainment are endless. Since you have open spaces at your disposal, you can plan a host of fun activities to keep your guests entertained. From using a poolside or lakeside area to have some fun activities, to having a rain dance, creating a kids play corner, having outdoor games for the bridal party and more, there are so many fun things you can do. 

#7. It’s all about character and having a unique celebration

All said and done, an indoor wedding has limitations on how unique you can make it. A pre-fixed hall will look like just that, a pre-fixed hall. While you can decorate it in your personal style, the shell is still defined. In an outdoor wedding, the possibilities are endless. You can convert the place into anything you like, use elaborate sets and backdrops, play with the natural surroundings and make the celebration truly unique. If you find the right venue, that itself becomes a postcard-perfect celebration without doing much to it. 

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