Why You Should Hire a Wedding Event Planner for Your Big Day

The general perception about wedding planning is that only big-budget celebrations require a wedding event planner. But that’s far from the truth… when planning your wedding, it’s good to get all the help you can. A good wedding organizer can simplify your journey and take over all the stress, so you have the best time ever!

Wedding Event Planner
Wedding Event Planner

Here are all the reasons you should get a wedding event planner for your big day.

#1. So you can enjoy your wedding

Irrespective of size and budget, there is a LOT OF WORK that goes into planning your wedding. By hiring a wedding organizer, you can take a backseat and focus on what your vision for the day is. There is someone else who will take on the headache of executing it, making your life much easier.

#2. So your family members can relax

In India, one of the best and sometimes worst thing that happens in weddings is that the whole celebration is planned and executed by one’s family and friends. And while there is nothing comparable to the personal touch and bonding that it brings, it can also take away from enjoyment levels of your closest people. While the pre-wedding work is fun, on the big day you don’t want your parents or your siblings running around the entire time to get work done instead of having a good time. By hiring a wedding event planner, they can relax during the actual celebration, knowing someone else is on ground dealing with all the small tasks.

#3. So you get the best deals EVER!

Wedding event planners are experts in their areas and work on many weddings through the year. Therefore, they also have strong relationships with all vendors in this area. This enables them to get you great deals and incorporate special requests. So if you want your sangeet hours to be extended a bit beyond curfew or you want a your favourite ‘chaat wala’ to have a stall at your 5-star venue, the wedding organizer can help make it happen.

#4. So there is accountability of vendors

The last thing you want to happen in your wedding is vendors flaking or not delivering what was promised at the last minute. To plan a wedding, one needs to work with dozens of different vendors, right from the mehendi and makeup artists to venues, catering and décor. Also, most of these professionals work by taking 50% of the fee as advance. And once you’ve paid up, you’re at their mercy. By hiring a wedding event planner, you can ask them for vendor recommendations and go with rustworthy people. Since the wedding planner gives a lot of business to these individual vendors, they will make sure they deliver what was promised.

#5. So you’re updated on the latest trends.

From the bride entering the venue in her very own baraat to hiring a honeymoon photographer and wearing a ‘mehendi blouse’, new wedding trends keep coming up all the time. And you want to take your pick from the best and not miss out on something that could have been a real fun addition to your big day. Since wedding event planners are in the business, they can help you stay updated on the latest trends and incorporate the ones you like in your wedding.

#6. And finally, it won’t cost you the earth

Contrary to popular perception, not all wedding planners cost the earth and more. Most of them work on a commission model and take a percentage of the total wedding budget as their fee. So if you have a smaller wedding, their fee also becomes smaller. And they also offer a selection of services so you don’t have to give them your entire wedding to plan. Based on your budget, you can handpick services like guest logistics or wedding décor which are harder for you to manage and do the rest within your family

Convinced you want to hire a wedding planner? Check our vendors section to find the right match.

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