Tips on How Brides-To-Be Can Tackle Winter Skin Problems!

As the winter months beckon, the prospect of cold dry weather also brings fears about skin health. With high levels of pollution and dryness, brides-to-be have to be extra careful to keep their glow intact. We found the most common skin problems that brides face and got you all the cheat codes you need to combat them.

Tackle skin problems for the bridal glow
Tackle skin problems for the bridal glow

Here’s how to look ravishing on your big day. Read on and be prepared to kick those skin problems…

#1. Sun Damage 

One may associate sun damage with summer months, but it’s actually the winter sun that is most brutal on the skin. What makes it all the worse this year is that due to the pandemic, people are stepping out lesser and constantly wearing a mask. And the irony is that while sun damage is real, limited exposure to outside air can make your skin even more sensitive.

Solution: The most important rule here is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Don’t think that because you are mostly indoors you don’t need an SPF, because you do. Infrared rays can penetrate through the fabric, making it mandatory to keep your skin protected. Skin problems are a real deal!

Citrus Bath
Citrus Bath

In addition, make Vitamin E & C your best friends during the winter. Use Vitamin E oil on your face and amp up your diet with citrus-rich foods for a sunny glow through the dreary winter months. 

#2. Dryness

With low humidity levels, a common symptom of winter months is dry, peeling skin. Water from the skin evaporates much faster in these months, and the cold weather accelerates peeling and dryness. End result: dull, flaky skin. And this does NOT lend itself well to makeup, which also starts flaking if your skin is not moisturized. An absolute no-no for our brides!


Solution: A simple solution is to get a humidifier for your room—this is an easy way to ensure that your skin barrier stays hydrated. However, while this is a blanket rule in the West, in India, some parts of the country have high humidity even during winter months. So check the weather before you get one! 

In addition to this, keeping skin moisturized is fairly easy. Drink lots of fluids, make water your best friend, and opt for a bi-weekly honey mask. Add a pinch of cinnamon to a tablespoon of honey and apply it on your face. We guarantee you’ll see a difference in your skin in no time! 

#3. Eczema 

An offshoot of dry skin, and accentuated by the wedding planning stress, eczema is a problem brides face during winter and can be highly problematic. Out of all the skin problems, eczema is the most common one. Simply put, eczema or dermatitis is a condition where your skin becomes red, patchy, and itchy. When your skin is deprived of moisture, it becomes rough and the skin cells become brittle, leading to this rash-like redness all over the face. 

Skin moisturizing
Skin moisturizing

Solution: One of the most effective but not-so-fun solutions to this problem is to bid adieu to your steaming hot winter showers. Nothing depletes skin moisture like hot water on the skin, so keep your showers short and lukewarm will go a long way in keeping a check on eczema.

In addition to this, use easy-on-the-on soaps and stay clear of any strong products. Moisturize skin well and even use face oils if they suit you. The idea is to avoid anything that may aggravate your skin. 

And most important of all—don’t stress! It’s your skin’s worst enemy! Stress is associated with so many skin problems. Your bridal glow will shine through no matter what, so enjoy your big day and look stunning! 

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