Rock Your Winter Wedding in Corona Times With These 6 Tips

Many couples’ dreams of having a big fat Indian wedding were shattered due to the coronavirus. Most summer weddings have been pushed to winter with the hope that the situation might change and will allow the couples to have the wedding of their dreams. But the pandemic isn’t going anywhere and it looks like it’ll stay with us at least until the next year. While huge weddings are quite impossible to have at this time, you can nevertheless have a small, intimate, and meaningful ceremony with the people that are the closest to you. Even when planning a winter wedding there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

winter wedding
winter wedding

So, here’s the complete guide to planning a winter wedding in corona times!

#1. The Guest List:

As of now, the government has allowed just 50 guests at a wedding. This step has been taken by keeping everyone’s health and safety in mind. So, it’s everyone’s duty to adhere to it. It’d be great if you could plan your winter wedding with only 50 guests in mind. But at most, you can plan for a wedding with 100 guests. Since we don’t know what the situation will be like at the end of the year, make the invitations tentative. Make sure that you mention that you’ll get in touch with your guests as soon as there’s some change in the wedding. 

#2. Uninvited guests

If you’ve already sent out invitations for your winter wedding to more than 100 people you’ll need to uninvite them. So make a list of people whom you absolutely want to be at your wedding. Then call the others and also drop them a text. Sincerely tell them that due to the pandemic, you’ve opted to have a small wedding with just the closest family and friends and you cannot invite more than 50/100 guests. You would love for them to be a part of your special day, but keeping their safety and as well as everyone’s in mind, it’s not going to be possible. They’ll definitely understand the situation. You can also give them an option to join the festivities virtually. 

#3. Wedding Planning

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to be opting for a small wedding. So plan the wedding by keeping that and also the social distancing norms in mind. Avoid crowding in the dining area by keeping the food and seating arrangements distant. Make sure you keep sanitizer and mask stands on hand. Use wedding websites and online Wedding invitations to invite people. Going to visit people personally is not a good idea at this point. So send them wedding invitations online. Also, it’ll be better that you have a one day or a two-day wedding instead of the elaborate ones. This’ll ensure people’s safety as well as yours. So plan accordingly.

#4. Vendor bookings

If you’re having a winter wedding, at most by next month you should’ve booked all your vendors because with a lot of weddings being pushed to winter, getting the dates for the best ones will be hard. So book the vendor of your choice well in advance. Also, when booking the vendor, keep in mind that anything can happen. So agree on an exit clause before you sign them on. We would suggest you hire vendors that either agrees to the full/partial refund or agree to change the dates. Also, only book vendors that agree to take all safety precautions and adhere to safety guidelines. 

#5. Virtual Weddings

Virtual weddings are all the rage now and this trend will definitely be there for winter weddings. Since you’re anyway going to be having a small, intimate wedding virtual weddings are one way you can ensure that all your loved ones get to be a part of your special day. You can use live-streaming or even use zoom to create separate chat rooms for different guest groups. You can even create a gift registry online and ensure that your guests have a safe and easy way of getting you a gift. The best part is that you get the gifts you actually want! 

#6. Return Gifts

Return gifts have been an age-old custom when it comes to Indian weddings. Did you know you can send them to your guests by just clicking a button online? At Wedding Wishlist, you have a range of products that you can send to your guests as wedding return gifts. Select the product, make the payment, and give us all the guest details and we send it to your guests! We also ensure that the gift is packed beautifully and any other specifications you might have are absolutely welcome. Make your winter wedding, a time to remember with Wedding Wishlist!

Have any questions regarding your winter wedding planning or need some tips and ideas to plan an intimate wedding during the corona pandemic? Join our exclusive WhatsApp group for couples by clicking here!  

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    August 3, 2020 - 4:46 pm

    Very useful tips….much needed during this pandemic. thank you sharing.

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