Wise Wedding Gifts With A Gift Registry

In the Golden Olden days, marriages were predominantly need-based or arranged by parents. The bride and the groom just had to give their consent (sometimes namesake). Marriages were formal and strict with rituals. The focus was on ensuring the groom’s side is well taken care of and no displeasure is created by any chance.


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In the Platinum Present days, marriages are predominantly choice-based. Partners carefully choose each other while the broad-minded parents endorse and conduct the wedding as per their children’s preference. The bride and the groom make a conscious decision. They are sure about what they are getting into and how they would like to live.

Weddings in India are deep-rooted in rich cultural heritage and have manifested in different styles to endure through the changing social landscape. They have transcended through sands of time to conform to the changing context and purpose of Marriage. Theme weddings are catching up in India where the bride and the groom make the occasion most memorable and special by choosing distinct themes they desire. 

Enter Conscious Gifting Choices

The choice of the millennial couples extend to wedding gifts too. As Indian weddings are evolving with time, wedding gifts for the couple and return gifts turn to be meaningful treasures of love and care. Need for thoughtful, useful and relevant gifts for newlyweds cannot be undermined. And that is why a gift registry makes sense. It simplifies the gifting process and amplifies the gifting experience, thereby making the couple feel sensibly gifted. Through Wedding Wishlist, prospective couples can create their personal wedding gift registry choosing a range of products and exciting experiences that appeal to them and share their registry. Family, friends and loved ones can pick and choose gifts that they wish to present to the couple. For the prospective couple, it’s as simple as ‘Create’, ‘Share’ and ‘Receive’.

create-share-receiveUnsolicited gifts will become extinct and Wedding Wishlist encourages prospective couples to choose their gifts and shares their personal registry with their  near and dear ones; therefore receiving the gifts they wished for. 

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Thanks to the world wide web, the 3Gs and 4Gs (Maybe G stands for God in this wedding context!) everything is now just a “Click-away”.

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