Weather-Proof Your Wedding

You have invested months and splurged a considerable amount of money in collating every detail for your wedding together. The trousseau is set, the venue is done and invitations are out. But what you thought would be a perfect sunny day, unexpectedly turned out to be a wild, rainy one. We have all heard such stories where a dream wedding transforms into a nightmare and colorful ceremonies become rescue operations. And none of us want that. So just to avoid such last-minute embarrassments and emergencies there is no other way than to make your wedding weatherproof.

Here are a few cues that might sort you out.

Get your basics right 

While you are at it, follow some basic rules. If it’s a summer wedding make sure that there is plenty of shade for guests, along with umbrellas. You can further provide guests with ample amount of cooling drinks to combat the searing heat. Portable blowers is never a bad idea. In case of a winter wedding, ensure that you have covering options ready for guests and for yourself. Also, warm beverages served on time would help.

Rainy emergencies

Your guide to weather proof weddings

Your guide to weather proof weddings

In case you are planning an outdoor wedding and face an emergency due to the sudden showers fret not. Ensure that you have an alternate ready with a sturdy tent. Raincoats and umbrellas should be ready for all the guests. At times incessant rains can lead to soggy grounds, therefore have a location ready when even tents cant work.

Think of an alternative plan

Just mere shielding yourself from bad weather isn’t enough. You need to think of an alternate plan which doesn’t lessen the fun and still exudes charm. You can always think of moving important ceremonies to much safer venues, but you need to ensure that contingency plan is whether sensitive yet appealing.

Pick decor accordingly

Choose flowers that can stand disparate weather conditions. Ensure that carpeting and parts of the marquee are made of water-resistant fabrics. Choose season-appropriate colors. Veer away from dark, decadent shades in summers. While in winters inch towards richer tones.

Wedding Insurance

Yes, it’s a real thing. Wedding insurance covers expenses in case of damage or cancelation of a wedding. Seek advice from your vendors.

Also, don’t forget to have fun.